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In my view you're lucky! I wish it had come on so quickly with my Mum! Instead we've had 5 years of hell, my brother doing nothing except saying put her in a home! This will happen next week, I will feel sad but the relief and release will be amazing!! So fed up with websites that say they will help...
I wish! Still got week 1 3 hours to go!
Absolutely fed up! She's an absolute cow when my husband isn't there.
Never ever volunteer to look after a parent with dementia in your home!
It strains the happiest of marriages, of families!
Don't do it!
It seems the kindest thing at the time but the price is too high!
Another horrible weekend !
Thank you so much for your kind supportive replies. Yes I think I must think of Mum as an elderly toddler! And her going into the care home for respite just has to happen for my sanity! Last year when we had 2 weeks off we slept 12-13 hours every night for a week! I find it very hard to switch off a...
My brother is totally aware of Mums condition but works on ' out of sight, out of mind' . She is just so completely self centred, she doesn't know how much her care has taken over our lives. I just want some quiet time with my husband, without sharing! I want my home back, not with someone who follo...
2 weeks tomorrow my 92 year old Mum with Alzeimers goes to my brothers for 2 weeks!
2 weeks tomorrow I can be ' normal' without a huge weight attached to me.
2 weeks tomorrow I can switch off
3 weeks tomorrow I might feel slightly human
4 weeks tomorrow it all starts again
Is this life worth living?
I so sympathise with your problems. I care for my Mum who is 92, very physically able but has Alzheimer's. She has lived with me for 2 years, social services immediately closed her file as she has some savings. I don't want anything paid for, just access to to what is available! Because she is physi...
Thank you so much for taking the time to reply, it really helps. I think it's something we need to seriously consider.
Luckily Mum has no sleep/wandering problems, unless she is particularly upset. My main concern is if it would affect her mobility if it made her dizzy which they say is one of the side effects. Did you find this? I am very grateful for any helpful information.
Thanks :)
My Mum is 91, lives with me and my husband for the past 18 months, and has Alzeimers. Physically she is amazing, we walk for 20-30 minutes most days but mentally she is deteriorating quite quickly. It has been suggested that she takes memantine, otherwise we have no check ups or reviews with anyone!...