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We saw War Horse at the cinem (streamed from the National) and it was amazing. It felt like you were actually there.

Best wishes

Riverside Pub Show for Carers - a secret place to relax.
(Sat at 6pm, http://www.radiowey.co.uk)
Hi All Ok I know the weather is getting colder but should warm up again soon. So my question is have you found any nice spots perhaps near you for a picnic? I am throwing in the moors near Penzence which have lovely views of the sea and hills. I don't live there but in my dreams I would! And also an...
Hi All I was chatting to my daughter about her recent school trip to a science park. What impressed me the most was that she had climbed an 80 foot tower. This is the girl that hates heights - I mean really hates them. I remember myself climbing up a rock face on a school trip. I hated it at the tim...
I know exactly what you mean. Groups like this one are so important for helping to feel you are not on your own.
Hi All Now we're getting nearer Easter I wondered what car trips you like going on? For me, I love the feeling of turning onto the M3 from the M25 (once you're passed the sewage works) and heading towards Southampton or Bournemouth. Always gives me a holiday feeling. How about you? I thought we coul...
Lovely to see the regulars on here again and new folks.
I did like Cuckoo but again it's swearing. Not tried Big Bang Theory yet, Karen.
It's the swearing I can't stand - it puts me off. So unneccesary.
Hi All To be honest I don't find that many Tv shows funny at the moment. Cuckoo I can kind of relate to so that makes me smile a bit. Radio 4's comedy shows such as the News Quiz often have me in stitches. Anything make you smile? Let's also include repeats such as Father Ted. Love to read your post...
- reading
- listening to music
- walking
- chatting with friends online and offline
Reading the other post about 'time out', I came across this post again. So am interested to know again what the last three things you bought were. Me? A bag of roasted peanuts, a newspaper and a jumper. I am wearing said jumper now. I would be delighted if you join me at 6pm on www.radiowey.co.uk in...