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i was having a bad day but this made me chuckle. Image
i hate that advert (i think its for cuprinol) where the shed is crying, then they paint it and its all happy again. drives me nuts what a stupid advert lol.
well we have had a pretty full day of snow and to be honest i'm sick of the sight of it already, it looks pretty blah blah blah but yes i want spring time now with flowers and butterflies and lighter evenings, is that too much to ask Image
thanks crocus and poppett, i hope so too. nerve racking waiting to hear about income support and esa at the same time. my house is verrrrry clean at the mo. filling my days with housework.(don't worry it won't last)
<t>haven't been on here for sooooo long, so hello again. hope everyone is ok.<br/> well as of last thursday i am now no longer working, the cafe shut down and on top of that we have got the esa forms to contend with, have filled them in and sent them off, nervous as hell. trying to come to terms wit...
i've already sorted that problem, i haven't got any for anyone to fight over haha. Image
hey pluto, this might help, there are tabs for different sections too. hope things pick up for you.x

http://www.nhs.uk/CarersDirect/workandl ... twork.aspx
thanks everyone.
apparently now my job MIGHT be safe til september. urgh really hate this malarkey.
just want to know if i'm coming or going.
<t>well i had some news yesterday, the boss has informed me that i am going to be laid off but, has given me the information early so i can get my stuff in order and find out about benefit entitlement etc.<br/> its a small family business, so it's not some huge company that i have to deal with, whic...
i have to be honest i am finding it a bit difficult to determine if i am a wife or a carer or other halfs new mother lol. i love him dearly but sometimes i wish i was none of the above, just want to be me again sometimes. Image