Malnutrition Amongst Family / Kinship Carers : Just How Many ... High Time To Find Out ?

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Yep ... " Interesting " session today ... Lynne Stevenson , a Dietitian from Nutricia , who has been working in partnership with Carers UK for a few years now.

For the full sp on what transpired , that thread : ... june-37220

Conclusions ?

I leave those to you , the readers ... what did you make of it ?

No more from me on that score ... let that thread do the talking !

Diarise forward in the hope that this abonimation of an Issue will finally be addressed by all and sundry !
Timely reminder from CUK ... It's Health Information Week !
It's Health Information Week. See our pages on health for all our information about looking after you as well as the person you care for. Including the page below about telling your GP that you're a carer. If you've told your GP, has this been useful for you? Share your experience.

My immediate reaction is ... MALNUTRITION AMONGST CARERS and FOOD BANKS.

Strange that ... both are missing from elsewhere on this site.