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An interesting one given the location ... the Isle of Man : ... n-41040460


Normally high on one's agenda if Camelot finally agree with your numbers ?

We used to have a regular IOM poster around ... in her view , IOM was a desert for any kind of support.

The Isle of Man Foodbank provides emergency food and drink parcels which can include UHT or powered milk, fruit juice, pasta, rice and tinned foods such as meat and fish.

It is the only registered charity dedicated to distributing food on the island but other organisations such as churches operate a service.

Situated in Douglas , fair old trek for any serfs in the north of the island ???

Would they need their feudal landlord's permission to visit ( See their Agricultural Acts ... ! ) ?

Have things changed in the land of tax exiles and native serfs ?
A related article from today's Guardian .... a TUC report : ... tuc-survey

One in eight workers struggle to afford food, finds TUC survey.

Report released before annual congress exposes in-work poverty, with people skimping on food and heating despite having jobs

Stagnant wages are forcing one in eight workers to skip meals to make ends meet, according to a study.

A survey of more than 3,200 workers for the Trades Union Congress also found almost half are worried about meeting basic household expenses such as food, transport and energy. The poll, conducted by GQR, also found that one in six workers have left the heating off when it was cold to save on energy bills, while a similar number have pawned possessions in the last year because they were short of money.

It has been released three days before the TUC’s annual conference in Brighton, which is expected to focus on Brexit, workers’ rights and in-work poverty.

Taking said report at face value , it does beg the question that ... if paid workers are struggling to make ends meet , what of those who do not work through disabilty , illness , age and / or caring ?

Therein lies the answer as to why food banks are seeing record numbers needing their services !

A snippet from an article in today's Independent :

Theresa May claims only 'very small' amount of workers on zero-hours contracts despite numbers soaring.

Prime Minister appeared to slip up when challenged on poor pay and working conditions.

Opposition MPs jeered when the Prime Minister said these contracts could be "beneficial" to the "very small" group of workers, yet official figures suggest more than 900,000 people were employed under these terms in December last year.

Does 2 + 2 not equal 4 ?

Not according to the Government !
For those amongst our ranks with some spare time looking for " Charity " work , look no further ? ... k-6899272/

What it’s like to work at a food bank ?

Very good first hand account article by Jessica Lyndsay.

One of the stories I remember most was a man who missed his Job Centre appointment as he was in hospital with his critically ill son. He’d explained the situation, but was told he would have his benefits sanctioned for three months if he missed his scheduled time. He felt his priority was with his son, didn’t attend, and subsequently had his benefits stopped. I was later told his son had died.

I saw student nurses left with no bursary and no paid work during the summer months. There were people with severe mental illnesses who weren’t taken seriously because they were physically able to work. Some users didn’t even have any money for gas and electric to make hot food.
If you want do to anything for anyone who works at a food bank, rest and relaxation are key. They carry a lot of others’ burden on their shoulders, and the people I worked beside deserved nothing more than a good break. If you don’t know anyone, have a look to see where your local site is. You may find you want to help ease the pressure by helping with volunteering, or by donating whatever you can.

In an ideal world, these organisations wouldn’t exist. Unfortunately, however, they do, and we all need to get together to support people who need them and people who facilitate them.
What would all those Victorian soup kitchen volunteers of the 19th. century , and , more recently , those maning them during the Miners' Strike make of today's version ?

If the support organisations for both us and our carees REALLY want to get involved with us , a month's secondment for all , including the " Obligatory " managers should be undertaken !!!

Even diseases unknown since their time are making a comeback !!!
Move over Boris , there's a new " Buffon " on the block : ... 46096.html

Jacob Rees Mogg says UK food bank use is 'rather uplifting'.

The multi-millionare MP said the rise in food bank use showed the UK to be a "charitable" nation

" I don’t think the state can do everything that it tries ".



“It provides a basic level of welfare… but on some occasions that will not work and to have charitable support given by people voluntarily to support their fellow citizens I think is rather uplifting and shows what a good compassionate country we are.”

I have to doff me cap to this one.

Suffice to say , not an ideal choice as a guest speaker at any of our supporting organisations' meetings ... even if many of those on the high table / platform would be disappointed ?
All donations are most welcomed , even The Toon getting in on the act : ... k-13631531

Newcastle United boss Rafa Benitez hands over cheque to NUFC Food Bank volunteer.

Rafa Benitez took time out from preparing for Newcastle United's match against Stoke City to hand over the cheque for the West End Food Bank

Opening in 2013, The West End Food Bank is Britain’s biggest and helped to feed more than 40,000 people last year.

Football fans have rallied to the cause and organised a matchday collection point outside St James’ Park for every home fixture, and volunteers on Saturday afternoon were paid a visit by a very special guest.

More from Chris Waugh on the same food bank , article + video in the local Chronicle : ... g-13621895

How the NUFC Food Bank is making a material difference - and why fans must keep being generous.

Newcastle United fans have helped transform the West End Food Bank into one of the most successful in the country

For once , any Black Cat supporters would be treated equally as would any Magpies using the one on Durham Road in Sunderland.

Nothing like misery and degradation to " Unite " the local populace ?

I cannot see a chant on Derby Day ... " We have more food bank users than you " ... being added to the usual unintelligible rantings one encounters on those manors ?

“ Haddaway, man ! ”

" On yer bike ! "
Continuing the football theme , older article from Everton , and their link up with rivals Liverpool in aiding the local food bank : ... -foodbanks

As the 227th Merseyside Derby edges nearer, Everton and Liverpool supporters have put their rivalry to one side and teamed up to raise awareness of an initiative that goes beyond their Club colours.

A group of Merseyside football fans have all come together to call on fellow followers from both sides attending tonight's game to take any non-perishable food they can spare to any of the three drop-off points located around Goodison Park.

The Fans Supporting Foodbanks initiative, set up by local Everton and Liverpool supporters groups in conjunction with North Liverpool Foodbank, Anfield Breckside Community Centre, Unite in the Community and the Trussel Trust, has received the backing of both football clubs and other supporter groups. Ahead of each Everton and Liverpool FC matchday, volunteers from North Liverpool Foodbank are joined by supporters to help collect food donated by fans.

Both Everton and Liverpool Football Clubs have offered space to the fans led initiative in their respective FanZones.

A total of 3,191kg or 502 stone of food has been donated by fans of both clubs since collections started at Goodison Park and Anfield. The growing need for support for the city’s foodbanks have been highlighted in a recent report by the Trussell Trust which stated ‘2650 three-day emergency food supplies are provided to local people by 10 foodbanks during April – September 2016’. Of this number, 978 went to children. The report went on to conclude that the top three reasons for foodbank referrals were: benefit delay 34%; benefit change 24%; low income 19%.

Vicky Ponsonby, Foodbank Manager of North Liverpool Foodbank said: “Anybody could find themselves in need of the foodbank. Every week we meet local people like you or me, who have been hit by something unavoidable – such as illness, a delay in welfare payments or an unexpected bill - and are unable to afford food. It really is only with the community’s support that we’re able to provide vital emergency help when it most matters, and we’re constantly surprised and overwhelmed by local people’s generosity.

Nick Mernock Chair of the Everton Fans’ Forum said: “When Fans Supporting Foodbanks asked us to get involved with this initiative our members were really keen to support and volunteer. We spoke to the Club and alongside Fans Supporting Foodbanks wanted to make sure there was a permanent presence on a matchday. The motto of the Fans Supporting Foodbanks campaign states ‘hunger does not wear club colours’ and the dedication shown by fans from both sides of the park should be commended.”

Everton’s Head of Fan Services Gill Derbyshire added: “This initiative embodies the spirit of the city as both sets of fans come together for a worthy and altruistic cause. When we as a Club were asked to get involved we immediately offered up space in the Park End next to our FanZone to complement the collection points already in existence. We have been working with our Fans’ Forum as well as Fans Supporting Foodbanks for over eight months and the collections for each game keep getting bigger which is a credit to everyone."

There will be three collection points around the stadium with the Foodbank Van located in the Park End next to the FanZone. Donations can also be made at St Luke’s Church and The Winslow Pub on Goodison Road.

For supporters wishing to donate they are encouraged to bring dry products, such as rice or pasta, tinned products or packet products, such as breakfast cereals, biscuits, long life milk, fruit juice and sugar. Toiletries, and children’s nappies are also welcome.

Long may action at grass roots level continue !

Mutual cooperation ... magical words throughout modern history ... that's what it is REALLY all about !

In short , BOTTOM UP ... not TOP DOWN !!!
At last .... one of our own supporting organisations now has information ( Of sorts ? ) available on it's web site :

3. Help with food and groceries

Foodbanks provide emergency boxes of food and offer support for people in a crisis. Foodbanks are good for connecting with your community and identifying other assistance too. You can search the Trussell Trust website to see if there is a foodbank in your area.

You can ask your local council, local charities or Citizens Advice about other places to get food.

Still , better late ( By almost a decade ) than never ?

Time in CarerLand takes on a different meaning .... ?

Collection points at their carers' centres ?

By 2020 ... perhaps ?
More from the North East . this time in traditional black cat country in Durham : ... in_demand/

Donation for County Durham Food Bank as it prepares for spike in demand.

A HOUSING association has donated stacks of tins, jars and toiletries to be handed out by food banks in the area.

Staff from Karbon Homes donated around 1,500 items to County Durham Food Bank

Volunteers from across the housing association’s offices managed the donations, which included tinned foods, pasta, rice, jars, cereal, toiletries, nappies and cash.

A team of drivers delivered the donations to two food banks in Chester-le-Street and Stanley, as well as Newcastle West End, Newcastle East, Morpeth and Hexham.

Stuart Hudson, distribution centre manager for County Durham Food Bank, said: “County Durham Food Bank welcomes the positive approach from Karbon Homes to work together helping people in crisis across County Durham including Karbon Homes’ residents.

“We are dependant from kind donations of food from the public so more than welcome this offer of support.

“ We have seen an increase in food bank usage and forecast a rise of approximately ten per cent by the end of 2017.”

The autumn equinox is only a few weeks away , as is the annual reappearance of Orion in our night sky heralding the fast approach of winter.

Let's hope that another mild one is on the cards.

A harsh winter across the country may well be the turning point as to the viability of maintaining the policy of Austerity in the light of the number of casaulties ???

Some comfort and joy to add to the mix ?

UC rollout schedule for some areas in Durham :

Job centre area

Date you can claim Universal Credit from

Peterlee, Seaham October 2017
Bishop Auckland, Consett, Crook, Stanley December 2017
Chester-le-Street, Durham, Newton Aycliffe, Spennymoor March 2018

No doubt , the DWP will be sending a Christmas card to all affected in these areas ?
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