All carers shop , many do so in their local high street.

Is what's happening on my manor being repeated in yours ? ... -1-8466486

Not of immediate concern for those reading this post beyond the destruction of what we used to call a high street.

Main concern is for the low millions of our fellow carers / carees without Internet access ?

What do they do , especially those facing that daily choice , mainly in winter , to either eat or heat ?

A question more readers will ponder on as the vice on all our lives tightens , first in the name of Austerity , with Brexit waiting in the wings to take the flack.

Some readers will be aware of the campaign run by Wendy at Chili , assisted by Norman Lamb mp , a few years ago ... for all carers to receive free computers.

Anyone recall if any of our supporting organisations endorsed Wendy's campaign , either solely , or in co-operation with our caree supporting organisations ?