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Universal Credit

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
Thanks Jimbo,

There's more information about the Universal Credit here.

http://www.centreforsocialjustice.org.u ... ageRef=310
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Yes, thanks for the link - very interesting.
A lot of the ideas look very good in principle, especially the improved incentives for carers and people with disabilities to escape the poverty/benefits trap. If the ConDems can pull this off without messing it all up, and help get many people who are capable into useful work they will earn a lot of Brownie points. Even when the economy was booming there were hundreds of thousands of basic starter jobs left unfilled - and any job can be the start of a career if you want to work hard, as I know.
When I was broke, unemployed and in my twenties I got a job as a nursing auxiliary in the NHS, and could only pay my rent with help from housing benefits: less than ten years later I had climbed the slippery pole to become the Strategic Planning Manager for a Health Board. My little sister sold advertising for her local paper and did cleaning jobs: she ended up running a newspaper group. All it takes is hard work and ambition.
As for caring, it should never stand in the way of keeping a toehold in the job market or getting some training and personal development, and respite is the best way to free up carers time.
My husband and I (along with other hard working carers) are already doing "useful work" full time caring thank you very much!

We've got to sleep sometime and working full time combined with caring nearly killed my husband. If that happened to the two of us it would cost the state a heckuva lot more than it costs them in carers allowance.

Although judging by the "care" provided by the state if we died first our son would follow us pretty damn smartly afterwards.

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"hard work and ambition" Excalibur? - I would say there is some luck attached to it, and being in the right place at the right time might help as well! Not many jobs around here even for those without caring responsibilities.
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1. Government to provide appropriate support for people who truly cannot work

Severely disabled people and carers to be supported appropriately to ensure a decent standard of living.
From the link Entity gave.
training for work ,,,, dont know how many times i`ve said this, but a few years ago i was offered the chance to retrain for the day when i may no longer be a carer.. i asked about H.G.V. licence ... no problem came the reply the training was to be free... but when i asked about care for the old doll - MEANS TESTED-- i was told as "we" had a good pensionable income "we" would have to pay for her care when i was on training course...
the center for social justice report . from IAIN DUNCAN SMITH himself was published in 2008/09 . he also said the carers allowance should be doubled, in his report broken Britain.

universal credit replaces all benefits except the carers allowance .. as far as i can see...
D.L.A. & A.A. will not be part of the universal credit system , to me it looks as though it is all aimed at working age - disabled / unemployed .. it does say you may get a higher rate of the universal credit if you also have some one with a disability in the home, how can they give you more cash if you have someone in the home with a disability ?? that person may have a high level of benefits /pensions .. .... it dont make much sense to me...it does not look as though we as carers will be involved with the universal credit system ... and if we are will we be free from seeking work , as we can not do both work and care ....