Hampstead's prestigious ROYAL FREE HOSPITAL doesn't like NHS campaigner Brenda Williams,an OAP who runs a protest against 180/400 job cuts there -the exact figure is disputed-so much so that last night as the lone protester sat in the darkening day-a group of suited and booted manager- looking types ripped down placards specifically aimed at Royal Free cuts,leaving others untouched.Of course who they were cannot be proved.The previous chief executive,Andrew Way,went on his way to Australia after I had contacted Monitor about serious allegations of job-rigging rife at the time.Way admitted that "There were questions I couldn't answer"when interviewed by the Camden New Journal after he resigned and boomeranged back to Australia.With cuts forecast everywhere never have we as carers so much needed those who put the preservation of NHS facilities as their No 1 concern and give up all their time-in this case as an OAP-to sitting out in all weathers .We helped stop the attempted closure of the Whittington A and E . Local high visibility protests are very popular with the public but most unpopular with top hospital bosses who think their appointments are God-given.Mr Way had to learn the hard way and his sucessor should not think he is invulnerable.