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Why carers need a break

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I will write the reply on a new post as this is a carers need a break.
Carers should have a break. I would like to see the carer have assisted respite. But it wont happen. But yes the carer does require sometime to his or herself. Just to give themselves a rest. It helps all round it gives the carer a chance to think, and it gives the disabled person just time to reflect on the hard work the carer does.
I have just been looking at respite centers, yes they are expensive. But is some cases they can be assisted paid. Ruth and decided to pay for her respite as trying to get help would in Ruth's case be refused. Yes she has M.S., in a chair limited mobility slurred speech diabetes. I won't say any more because there is a man looking for his sixth assisted paid for respite this year.
I've looked into carer breaks but looks like not available in south Lanarkshire only north Lanarkshire :unsure: typical as I live right on the border.........
As a carer for 35 years for my wife. I must admit I do get tired and irritated with life around me. As for respite. What is respite? I've never had any. The last time I made enquiries I was told sorry, you have a wife that has been taken ill with MS. No provision for problems like yours. Now if you had a child born with difficulties that has gone into adulthood. Then we just might be able to help you. For me to take respite it would cost me personally over £1,000. That was just for me the money I would have lost for a week and the out cost of travel, hotels etc. It would have cost me a lot more care to be supplied for my wife. So from 12am to 2am each day that is my respite, the it's up at 6am seven days a week. So my working day starts at 6am I rest at 12am go to bed at 2am to sort of sleep then up at 6am. Two hours to myself each day is my respite. And the government say they are doing more for carer's . Good luck too all.
My son and his friends ae being kicked out of the childrens hospices in Scotland due to their introduction of a cut off age of 21. Adult hospices don't offer respite and they are full of older people in their 50's and over anyway.. So too old for the children's hospices nothing offered in the adult ones. They are still severely disabled and dying but nothing there for them and us carers will be caring 24/7 365 days a year with no break. Not that we got much anyway - a few long weekends a year.