Interesting article from a contributor to the Guardian on his ( Brief ) experiences as a care worker. ... ve-minutes

Just one experience but with enough supporting information that many of us can relate to when our carees are receiving such services.

Some interesting comments towards the bottom as is usual with articles appearing in the Guardian.

One of interest is :

I know someone who worked as a home carer, who, on arriving at the house of an elderly woman she was scheduled to help for a short home appointment found that the client had had a fall and was stuck on the floor. She phoned the office to tell them what had happened, and ask for help, as she knew she was not supposed (and indeed would not have been able) to lift her alone, and did not know if she might cause further injury if she tried to do so.

The office told her to leave the woman on the floor and go on to her next appointment, as waiting for help would put her too far behind on her work load. They said they would send out help as soon as it became available. Unspeakable! Needless to say my friend refused to leave the poor woman, and insisted on waiting until help arrived.
Draw your conclusions with this one ... there is good and bad in all sectors ... trouble is , in this sector are some of the most vunerable citizens in the country.

Someone somewhere has a lot of questions to answer ... preferably asked by a barrister ?