Who should pay for our social care??

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
There is a big debate at the moment about the funding of social care, should taxpayers pay more to get better services? Tell us your views....
Dear Clare: The increasing of Taxes is not the answer, this is an extremely rich country and we already pay huge taxes, what we need is for the politicians to use our money correctly, not waste billions on foreign aid, waste money on buying computers and TVs and building swimming pools for prisons, has anyone asked the electorate weather we should give billions of pounds per year in foreign aid Image i dont think so, has anyone asked the electorate weather we should pay for the estimated 750,000 illegal immigrants in this country, i dont think so, we are taxed too much as it is, since Labour came to power we pay another 1800 pounds per year per person, what have we got for that money, nothing, the poor are the ones who if taxes go up will be the ones to pick up the bill, not the middle classes or the well to do.
It is always the poor that are asked to pick up the bill for everything, this Labour government are a disgrace, they cant even look after the injured sevicemen who have risked their lives for this country in fighting illegal wars, do you really think that they really give a damm about us carers Image If people want serious change all the groups that supposedly represent carers rights need to forge a large campaign that will really make the government sit up and take notice, it is time the groups stopped being so nice towards the government and stopped thanking them for giving us back some of our own money, we should not have to beg in this day and age:

All the best Tony. Image
Well said Tony. we do not need to be taxed more, we need the taxes to be spent where they are needed and not frittered away on things nobody wants or asked for.
Thanks very much myrtle, you and i seem to be in the minority, most people think that my thoughts are too radical Image

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Tony - I agree completely that our money is wasted by the government. The problem is that too many people are under the delusion that we live in a democracy whilst in fact we live in a fascist dictatorship. Once you realise that you will realise that there is nothing you can do which will make any significant difference. Once you realise that then you can sit back and just let it all wash over you.
Dear John: I just think that we all need to fight back in any way we can, no matter how small our efforts are we need to show the buggers we cannot be trampled all over, i shall not ever give up on trying to make things better, never.

All the best Tony Image
Not ready to sit back and let it wash over me just yet, still kicking and screaming Image
Thats what i like to hear, well said myrtle, keep the fight going on all fronts.

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According to this MORI research Carers Uk did last year 50% of the general public are willing to pay more tax to pay for social care. But they also have some unrealistic expectations about what will happen to them if they get ill. Very interesting reading. You get the impression some people are due for a rude awakening!

http://www.carersuk.org/Newsandcampaign ... 1152631421
Hi Matt,

Just read your link and it's true. Many of the carers I come across who are new to caring and "the system" have a seriously rude awakening. The worst of it is that although slavery was abolished 200 years ago, it could almost be argued that it has not been abolished for family carers - and the "slave owners" are the government!

Although carers have rights, they are often not told of them - especially the right to choose not to provide care.

Although there is a legal requirement to inform of the right to a carers assessment, this is observed in such a way that most carers do not request it: "You're entitled to a carers assessment but it won't make any difference" - and some carers assessments are of such poor quality, or so judgemental about the carer that the professionalism and quality of training of social care staff has to be questioned. My mother's carers assessment (carried out at the same time as my father's community care assessment) did not include the fact that she also cared for my sister. When questioned about the need for an holistic assessment because caring for one impinged on the other, the social worker said "this IS holistic - about your husband only." Better still, the social worker diagnosed my father as having a dislocated right hip because of the way he walked! He'd had a stroke. Image The complaint was only partly upheld...we could have taken it further (and given the choice I would have) but my mother had had enough. Unfortunately this is how poor quality work (often due to extreme pressure of work) is perpetuated.