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Which? Campaigns : Patient experience
The quality of the medical care you receive is obviously important, but other factors also matter when you or a loved one is spending time in hospital.

Which? is campaigning for patients' care to be truly patient-centred, and we are focusing the first part of the campaign on in-patient hospital care. To ensure we are campaigning on the issues consumers care most about, we asked patients and their carers to tell us what really matters, and to share their experiences – good and bad – of healthcare services.

We conducted interviews with patients and carers and heard from many Which? members We've also had an online survey so that consumers could feedback to us directly about their experiences. We received a great response – thanks to everyone who helped.

We have also consulted a range of health related bodies and talked to range of hospital staff, including managers, doctors and nurses, to find out what people working in hospital environments think about the standards of non-clinical care.

Early results throw up some common themes which are going to be crucial for hospitals and staff to get right if they are to meet patients' needs.

Ward environment: patients and their visitors want well maintained, clean surroundings and quality food.
Organisation: patients want to see hospitals and their staff working efficiently. Both they and their visitors notice and can worry when things go wrong.
Information: Patients feel more confident when they receive regular and consistent care updates on their care from hospital staff.
Attention: Patients want to have positive relationships with staff, to be treated with respect and to maintain privacy and dignity.
Have you had to stay overnight in hospital recently or visit a friend or family while they were in hospital. What did you think about the food? Cleanliness? Information given? Did you feedback to the hospital about any complaints or worries you had?

If you have a story to tell please email us at and let us know about your experience. Please also let us know whether you would be happy to speak to journalists about your story.