What Has The Law Ever Done For Us ?

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Romans ?

No , this time , the Law.

Today's Guardian ... DWP ruled wrong to deny appeals over refused benefits :

https://www.theguardian.com/society/201 ... d-benefits
The Department for Work and Pensions has been unlawfully stopping people going to tribunal to appeal against decisions to refuse them benefits, three senior judges have ruled.

The upper tribunal found it was wrong for the DWP to refuse claimants the right to appeal if they took more than a month to ask for a review of the benefit decision.

It comes just a week after a supreme court finding that the government was unlawfully charging fees of up to £1,200 for access to employment tribunals.

The DWP system was challenged by the Child Poverty Action Group and two claimants with serious mental health problems who were refused disability benefits and then failed to ask for an internal review within the one-month time limit.

They made late applications for an internal review, called “mandatory reconsideration”, of their benefit decisions, but the DWP initially refused to change the decision or let a tribunal consider whether that was correct.

The judges found: “The reality is that many claimants will be vulnerable for reasons including issues relating to their mental health or learning disabilities. It is obvious that there is a high risk that many of them with good claims on the merits will miss time limits.

Whilst the DWP are pondering , Trussells and other foodbanks can breathe a little easier as demand should ease a little ... from hurricane force 9 to hurricane force 8.

Following on from CarerWatch days now close to a decade ago , the strongest weapon in our arsenal is the Law.

The words of a judge .... if only a few of our " Injustices " could be challenged in a court of law .... ?

There again , how precisely do we do that ?

There's only us , and a couple of " Charities " ... seems the only way is through the House to get issues out there for our elected members to come on board.

Still , the Travel and 21 Hour Rule set for the autumn.

Nothing more other than to diarise forward.

Desperation ... seeking assistance from the House ?

Oh well , nothing new for the inmates of CarerLand.

I agree nothing but legislation abuse by Authorities.
It doesn't help anyone when the framers of the Law leave so many loopholes to be explored.

Classic case ?

The Care Act , 2014.

One wonders if the framers and the legal profession purposely do so to provide lucrative work for their fellows in the future ?

Obviously not but ... why so many loopholes in the first place ?

Doesn't anyone stand back and look at the proposals from an end user prospective BEFORE advancing to the enactment stage ?

Care Act ... were carers ever consulted ?

I rest my case ... your lordship !