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What happened to the Election? Elections? - Carers UK Forum

What happened to the Election? Elections?

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
My wife was saying with the mishandling of her health problems and having to see her own caring chores. She and I had both forgot about the Election. We have even for the budget date. We have seen Osbourne's eyes a round. And. From the last election. Remembered Vince Cable on about all on same pensions.
Frankly I'm avoiding it all. I already know which way I'm voting. I have a good MP.
I feel like Shakespeare - "A plague o' both your houses"
I live in UKIP central. :roll: Now should I blame the current situation on Johnny Foreigner (nice easy target) or should I look a little closer to home? Nice fat bonuses for nice fat bankers?
Should I blame those lazy, fat, good for nothing benefit scroungers who get into debt because of their decadent lifestyle..or should I blame a massive bank who gets into massive financial trouble and who makes me pay for their cock-up without giving me a say in whether I want to or not? For those who like to whittle on about personal responsibility, I would refer them to the last sentence..

Answers on a postcard please 8-)
Hi ,this time 5 years ago everyone was in love with Nick Clegg ,and we all know how he turned out .
This time it is Nicola Sturgeon ,i hope the SNP do very well in Scotland ,and they form a pact with a Labour govt ,with a few Greens thrown in ,she might keep the Labour mps who are all for cutting public services in line better than Clegg did .
I've voted Labour for Westminster for the last twenty or thirty years , but I'm probably voting SNP this time, because we arent running a Green candidate locally. The SNP is more accountable to Scottish residents of all colours than Labour, which has become withdrawn and insular and doesn't seem to care about its core support any more, on a range of key issues such as Trident, Bankers, housing, education and social care it has lost touch with the realities of life for ordinary people across the UK.
I can see Labour going the same way as the Tories in Scotland, into oblivion.
Of course the SNP will work with Labour to ensure that a broadly left/liberal progressive alliance keeps the Tories out, whatever the lies spread by the Torygraph the other day.
Don't trust any of the they all the same