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Welfare reform - Newcastle event

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
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http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2008/ ... en-welfare

The above article relates to lone parents but there are 2 sections that stand out for me which may apply to the proposals being put forward relating to carers.
A growing number of Labour MPs and pressure groups representing lone parents believe the plans, due to be rubber-stamped in the Parliament in the next few weeks, should be put off or dropped entirely.
James Purnell, the Work and Pensions minister, has seen the recommendations but is determined to go ahead with the policy

There are going to be a lot of closely contested seats at the next election and Labour are getting nervous about their areas of traditional support.We have to keep the pressure up.

In our area the labour party will as usual be returned but as the seats for labour are so easy to secure the labour government will never ever do anything to help constituents we get the same old stuff year after year the government know most voters in the north east will always vote labour so why shoiuld they try and help us i hate to say it but the time has come when we as traditional labour voters should vote for someone who will benefit the local community even if it has to be a vote for a conservative, if a tory was elected and the conservatives were returned we may get some help as they will want to hold on to the traditional labour seat as BARACK OBAMA SAYS TIME FOR CHANGE.

I am sorry that I have not contributed to this article but I have reached the time now where
any Government, politician, local or national sees my ilk....... as of no consequence they are so blase, and treat our case as an irrevelance ......they know we cannot walk away from our responsibilities and treat us in accordance, and are contemptuous in there outlook over a role
that Society would be the worse for........ if carers were not there.