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U-turn on mobility payments is just the start - Carers UK Forum

U-turn on mobility payments is just the start

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The decision to keep the mobility component is just the first step. More needs to be done if we are to ensure disabled people are not the hardest hit by the cumulative effects of cuts to public spending and major reform to the welfare and legal aid systems.
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Yes more needs to be done. Much more. The whole crazy, tired and ineffective system designed in 1940 needs to be wiped out and replaced with something really transformational that encourages people to achieve their potential for 2012. Lets not tinker any more, or try to defend the indefensible, lets blow this whole damned thing out of the water and learn to sing again like free men and women.
Is it truly a victory ..the mobility component can be used for the lease of a motability finance car or an electric scooter and to pay for taxi fares and to pay for help and support when they need to get out and about ... how long will it be before some care homes who provide regular trips out for the residents will start to charge those with a mobility component a payment to join other residents on the day out ..it will happen i am sure of that ... and what if the cash for the week runs out 40 odd quid aint much ...
Whilst I supported the campaign for the retention of the Mobility Component and am pleased that the government has changed its policy I too feel rather uneasy, especially when I consider the climbdown in the context of the changes to Motability which require the nominated driver to live within five miles of the claimant, many nominated drivers will be outside this arbitrary limit, and the reform of DLA. Or maybe I just do not trust this government!
a few people with learning/physical disabilities who live locally,and have motability cars, have staff from the Care Agencies as their nominated drivers.The Care staff could live 50 miles away.I anticpate all sorts of problems cropping up with the new rules,and know of at least one person who would have to be at home 24/7,without the Care Staff being allowed to be nominated drivers.
Scally, check your history: the benefits system in this country started in 1909, and some of the rules hark back to that period. The overlapping rule was first introduced in 1910!

Too much of the benefits system is actually designed around the old Poor Laws that were supposedly abolished in 1948: if you compare Income Support with the old Poor Law system it is frighteningly similar.
[quote]Scally, check your history]

Fair point, but unlike you I wasnt around in 1910!

My wife has a male work colleague who commutes to work every day in his wife's rather fancy Mercedes car, she is visually impaired, and receives higher rate Motability. This is somewhat annoying, as I am sure everyone here will understand.
It may be annoying, Scally, but they pay the (non-returnable) deposit, and it's considered reasonable by Motability that he uses the car for work. We had that situation come up recently for someone whose child has DLA: as far as the rules are concerned the car is for the benefit of the disabled person. If his going out to work can be seen as of benefit to his wife, it's perfectly legitimate.
"To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions what assessment his Department has made of the number of disabled people who will lose motability vehicles under personal independence payment rollout plans."
http://www.theyworkforyou.com/wrans/?id ... g101971.r0

How come they can do an "assessment" before the "assessment" has taken place!!!. They must already know how many disabled people are going to lose their motability vehicles.