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Welfare Reform Act - Carers UK Forum

Welfare Reform Act

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
Not sure if anyone is interested
Welfare Reform Act 2012
http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/201 ... 005_en.pdf
Thanks for that
Should we have a bonfire D

Bonfire of the Travesties?
i've had a quick look at it and decided that the government should start writing things in good old fashioned english so everybody can understand what the hell it actually means,instead of official gobble de gook,i looked on line at the benefit rates for 2012 the other day,the part referring to council tax benefit makes no sense for people who want to work there own bills out,if it applies to us surely we might need to understand all this stuff

We're going to be working on how we communicate all the changes which the Act will bring to carers and their families - it is a big exercise because some of the changes start in April and it won't all be complete until 2017.

Don't need to tell you all that the Act is going to have a huge impact on many carers lives, with the introduction of Universal Credit affecting those on means-tested benefits and everyone of working age who gets DLA being reassessed.

We still don't know some of the key details, which will be debated in Parliament and set out in 'regulations' at a later date. As a result we aren't yet able to tell for sure which families will be affected and which won't be. However all the latest is in a Q&A here:

www.carersuk.org/help-and-advice/focus- ... s-answered

As there have been no significant amendments around carers issues since.

Let me know if there is anything missing as we'll continue to update this.

Best wishes,

Well after receiving a letter notifying me of the change from IB to ESA i went to the AgeUK site and have found that from October 2013 there will be changes to Pension Credit coming in. If you have a partner who is under 60 you will no longer be able to claim it from that date. The person under 60 has to claim Universal Credit instead. So they are taking the Pension Credit away from the person over 60 just because their partner is under 60. Do they not think that if you are married to someone older than you that they are more likely to have health problems and that you are more likely to be a carer.
i think that they come up with ideas in downing street and then have a load of different pieces of paper on a dart board,throw the darts and what ever scenario gets hit is the way forward,it has to be because the logic applied doesn't bare any resemblance to the real world at all,it's as if somebody on the planet ZOG makes the rules for them.
it's as if somebody on the planet ZOG makes the rules for them.
I quite agree: but it can work both ways. Our family situation and caring circumstances haven't changed a bit in practical terms, but we are getting three or four times as much income in benefits and services as this time two years ago. And that's in a two-car, two-income average sort of middle income family living in a four-bedroom home with a mortgage. Gee, thanks, I'm not complaining, it's very nice to see a part of the tax we pay coming back home, but we are just a bit bemused given all the panic talking going on!