WCA .... Gate ? DWP In Cover UP ?

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Interesting one from today's Independent :

http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/po ... 83111.html

Government accused of wasting taxpayers' money to 'suppress' Work Capability Assessment results

Disclosure would 'damage the reputation and financial standing of the companies involved', ministers claim

Oh dear , what too many carers and carees already know , from first hand experience , is not in the DWP's " Interest " to reveal publically.


Worth a few minutes to read together with some very interesting " Observations " in the comments section at the bottom.

An incentive scheme in operation ? For every 100 claimants rejected , one rung up the ladder to an honour / better paid job .... with a golden pension ?

Shares in operating companies in exchange for contracts ... to be held in nominee names , of course ? Nice hour a month directorship when one retires ?

I'll leave the rhetorical questions for the Eye to explore ...

What's REALLY to hide ???????

Already a social pogrom , in the British way ...

So much for open Government when it comes to social matters involving the less abled in today's Sad New World ?
It wouldn't surprise me if it transpires that the contract issued specified a number/percentage to fail.
On the evidence , difficult for anyone NOT to draw the same conclusion ?

Follow the money ... projected savings this time around , coupled with bonuses pro rata ?
This is just the same situation for 1950's women not getting their pensions. Many of these women have health issues.Some have been refused/cancelled PIP and having to wait for their pensions. Rejections all over the place.
This is an interesting tool to use. The drop down box allows you to go as far back as 2012/13.