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Volunteers could earn 'care credits' for helping others - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

Volunteers could earn 'care credits' for helping others

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"Time banking" has been around for at least 30 years but it's not very successful in the UK and for certain isn't ever going to work as a major source of support on a large scale. The attitude towards society as a whole in this country would have to change enormously.

It's also interesting to note that the Department of Health has stated clearly that this idea is not being looked at presently. Whether it will come up in the review that's looking at how we pay for social care over the coming years is anyone's guess. I'd be surprised if it isn't considered and then ruled out as impractical - it will still cost, albeit "someone else can pay tomorrow". It just stores up the problem for some other poor sap to sort out.

And there would still have to be major safeguards put into place to allow people to do this - as with paid workers - which will mean there will be a whole new bureacracy needed to sort this out, whether publicly run or privately run. Yet more money - and this government is not renowned for wanting to spend money...
This is another erosion of our expectations of what the state will provide for us. Who would honestly believe that any credits achieved now would seriously be honoured by a different government in 20-30-40 years time?
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It also assumes that people are happy to "volunteer". In many areas, this one included, this is not the case and those very few who do volunteer are often older than those they work with, i.e. in their 70s, 80s. Families are engrossed in themselves and older people often have very active lives, this is particularly the case in relatively wealthy areas, neither of which leave time to volunteer even if a sweetener is provided. I really cannot see this catching on, especially in better-off communities.
Our beloved leaders are not nasty , this is very true .. but what happens when they get into "power" is who do they listen to ... they dont listen to the likes of us thats for sure...
if we have say 10 / 15 million elderly / disabled ... and they all need some kind of care .. can the volinteers guarantee some 40 million hours of care per day ... for every elderly person we will need more than just one carer / volunteer probably 10 or more to guarantee continuity of support ... it aint ever gonna work ......
what is a credit worth????

we get £50 for 40 hours work,, well near enough..

if a volunteer gets the same kind of "credit reward" , that is for ever 40 hours they get the equivalent of £50 worth of social care, for their own care needs in the future ..using todays prices they would need to work 16 weeks to be entitled to one weeks residential social, care for themselves 64 weeks work for a months residential social care 768 weeks work for one years social care are you with me ... forgive me if me sums is wrong ....15 years as a carer volunteer @40 hours per week, to be entitled to one years residential social care ,
i dont like that idea at all.. Volunteers.. and will these Volunteers be vetted to make sure they are not perverts or criminals, or drug/alcohol abusers/ common thiefs,. bearing in mind these people will be going into other peoples homes, VULNERABLE peoples homes. and will someone monitor all these volunteers

i can see alot of people using that system to thier own evil good, there is too much abuse from people in care positions already
There are also issues around confidentiality, although they do sometimes breach the rules, paid care workers have the need to respect their clients and their families privacy and condidentiality written into their contract of employment, I am curious to know how this possible scheme will deal with breaches, especially as those who are "volunteering" could well be close neighbours.
Sector gives Burstow's care credits short shrift
I dont mind Ministers coming up with whacky sounding ideas every now and again. What I do mind is when they dont listen to the really sensible ones. Like decriminalising/legalising marijuana and heroin, for example, with sensible controls. This would raise billions of much-needed tax revenue, prevent thousands of people being tarred as criminals, save lives by regulating the strength, quality and purity of the drugs, and do much to reduce gangster crime. The "war against drugs" has utterly failed.
In countries where decriminalisation has been tried, like Portugal and Holland, drug use has actually gone down. Almost everyone who has looked at this agrees it makes sense, alcohol and tobacco are far more dangerous, but Ministers refuse to budge.