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Volunteers could earn 'care credits' for helping others - Carers UK Forum

Volunteers could earn 'care credits' for helping others

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People who volunteer to help the elderly or disabled could earn time credits which they could then redeem for their own care later in life.

The system already operates in Japan and the government is now considering whether it could also work in the UK.

Care Services Minister Paul Burstow said it could help vulnerable people maintain their independence.
BBC article
Ha ha! we must have cross posted this one!
I think getting more people involved in volunteering is a good idea but not on the basis of reward or future favours. I agree with the charities, care in old age should be a right, that said there are a few grumpy selfish mean and miserable old people that I have known over the years, and they might get the tea, but not much sympathy!
and miserable old people that I have known over the years,!
You're the only one I know Image Image Image Image

Seriously, volunteering can be good in the right circumstances but I dont like their suggestion. If some of the more personal care aspects are needed and they are given to volunteers, where does that leave paid workers too. Govt go on so much about unemployment but I would imagine a system like this would make it worse. Plus how would you police such a system.
Article in the Independent plus comments
I have always believed that you help people in your community if they want and need help because you choose to and expect nothing back in return, help and care when it is needed should be both a right and, where neighbour helps neighbour, something given with no thought of reward, not a tradeable commodity. I also think that it is wide open to abuse, I expect carers to be trained and vetted.
Counting hours and filling out timesheets would be a huge chore, I cant see many people wanting to that in exchange for something in the future we may or may not need and that should be provided free by the state anyway. I dont get this "Big Society" gimmick, it reminds me of John Major's "citizens charter". The millionaires in the cabinet are utterly out of touch with the way most people in this country live, and have zero experience of community development - they get a two hour guided tour of Toxteth or the Gorbals, meet a few reformed drug addicts turned volunteer rehab workers, and think that if they can only recruit a few million more folk like that it will solve the problem of our "broken society". If only it were that simple!
Will carers uk respond with the 2w`s = we welcome =
i dont... talk about a complicate system of social care .. will post later ... just got back on line after the power cut ..... nightmare ....
What is a credit worth??? how many credits will the volunteer need for say one years free social care" ??
will they be trained , insured , C.R.B. checked ?
will they only gain credits if the elderly disabled person is in receipt of a disability benefit D.L.A. or A.A. ?
willl they be available 24/7 ..
lets remember what many elderly disabled say " I DONT WANT STRANGERS IN MY HOME"
the admin side alone will req an army of volunteers,
what kind of care work will the provide ? toileting, feeding, medication, cooking meals , cleaning the house , laundry, escorting the elderly person to hospital , doctors , help to visit friends / family doing the garden, cleaning windows and on and on and on ..or will they be just looking in to see if you are okay, and maybe make a cuppa ...
we have some six million carers 550-000 claim the allowance some 2 million should be in receipt of the allowance students / pensioner carers ... the 3.5 million i`m affraid will probably become the new volunteers ..
will this be used to keep the carers allowance at a low level ... no doubt they will say with a volunteer the full time carer can work part time , and still be a carer during the night .
will they replace the local authority care workers ...
PAUL BURSTOW CARE MINISTER must have costed this new scheme , but i dont think he has talked with the full time carers who work for a family member , we are able to treat them with respect , dignity & compassion .. social care begins at home, not reliant on some volunteer who may or may not turn up ...
oh dear me what a shambles this could well be ...

Mrs Smith found dead --- oh i thought the other volunteers would turn up ...
oooops once you pay a volunteer, surely they are no longer a volunteer ...
what about our one weeks holiday mr Burstow talk about that, and not some stupid scheme...
copied over ...
The government could never repay the amount of care 24/7 carers supply or compensate us for the lives we have given up. Does this mean the end for carers allowance then - or is it under threat because of the benefit changes anyway?