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News Item - Disabled Groups in Welfare Protest - Carers UK Forum

News Item - Disabled Groups in Welfare Protest

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"This Government is absolutely committed to supporting disabled people and we continue to spend more than £40bn a year on disabled people and their services.

"Households where someone receives Disability Living Allowance will be exempt from the Benefit Cap"

See full article here:

http://uk.news.yahoo.com/welfare-protes ... 57586.html
This will probably be an unpopular viewpoint but it's only my opinion.

These kind of protests just serve to annoy people and will more than likely cause ill feeling towards a genuine cause. If protests need to be made, let it be near the Houses of Parliament because the grudge is with them, not Joe Public. Bringing an incredibly busy tourist area like the Oxford Street/Regent Street to a standstill is just stupid, not to mention dangerous.

I must admit to bias on this. A few months back there was a protest in Trafalgar Square which brought everything to a standstill, I was on a bus trying to get back after seeing my grandchild who was very unwell at the time. We were stuck there for ages and my nerves, already shredded, were at fever pitch..it was awful..

I know there is a massive need to get the message across but I honestly don't think this is the way to do it, it only serves to antagonise.

Always willing to listen to other viewpoints of course.
I am all for peaceful protest - some issues are just too big to be ignored - the Government is supposed to save money by making changes - with an increasing number of disabled including those coming back from Afghanistan one wonders how these 'savings' will be made.
Many disabled people feel uneasy and uncertain as to their future as filling in a DLA form when you are ill and stressed is like climbing Everest let alone even thinking about the further obstacles which will be put in the way.
As a carer I am very sceptical and can only see life getting more difficult for those claiming or attempting to claim (let us not forget many people either give up because they cannot cope with the forms/system or if they do fill in the forms get turned down because they had no support filling the form in).
I think the bankers and those who are getting huge bonuses should offer their bonuses to the less able and poorer in society but I doubt if that will ever happen - after all let us not forget who caused this financial crisis in the first place it certainly was not anyone near the bottom of the pile!
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