Very good news for any readers just one more bill away from those caught in the UC trap before common sense prevailed , and the DWP have taken action. ... s-families

Simplifying the benefits system has always been high on the agenda for carers , without mentioning CarerWatch yet again , our archives are packed with threads / postings on that issue.

But , to attempt to introduce a new system with the main priority being to save money , and not provide vital financial support for those that need it , is wrong ... on all levels.

A Universal " Wage " maybe the answer but ... how can you sell that idea if someone capable of work simply lives off the backs of the rest of us ?

Our old Social Wage would have been the solution .....

Suffice to say , the 1 in 4 have no voice , no representation , no real rights in this Sad New World.

On this outpost perhaps ... through me ?