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Universal credit - Ian Duncan Smith - Carers UK Forum

Universal credit - Ian Duncan Smith

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
DWP select committee meets again next week Feb 9th to listen to IDS about the new Universal credit. Whether any answers are forthcoming about carers allowance, only time will tell.

There is an opportunity for carers to put forward concerns via the committee.
If you have a question you would like asked, either post it here or send me a pm. It can be about other benefits possibly moving to a UC too.
just the four question`s ...will the universal crredit be means tetsted , and if it is will carers who presently receive the carers allowance , continue to receive the universal credit , even if they would not be entitled to the universal credit due to any means testing ...this would affect new claimants (carers) only...

If a carer move`s onto the universal credit will they still be expected to work for a minimum of 35 hours per week, when all others on the universal credit will not be asked to work for their benefit ..if "carers" still have to work for their benefit, and others dont is that not discriminatory..

will the universal credit reflect his own center for social justice report broken britain, which said "the carers allowance should be doubled to over £100 per week" ..

if a "carer" moves onto the universal credit will they be exempt from seeking work ..
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Chris Grayling

Chris Grayling (Minister of State (Employment), Work and Pensions; Epsom and Ewell, Conservative) 2nd Feb
Universal credit will consist of a basic personal allowance with additional amounts for disability, caring responsibilities, housing costs and children.

We are looking at what extra support may be needed for disabled people in universal credit. At the same time we will consider the structure of support for disabled children.

We are reviewing whether changes to carer's allowance will be necessary to take account of the introduction of universal credit.

Finally we are considering how best to support pensioners with the cost of rent and dependent children and plan to make some changes to pension credit. These changes will consolidate support for rent with the help available for other housing costs within pension credit, and add a further element to provide income-related help for pensioners with dependent children.
i cant wait till next year when i will be financially better off , and can forget about all this fighting day in day out for a few quid here and there ....

i thought they wanted to make things easier cut bureaucracy ,,, just looking at the above makes me cringe ...what a snambles the whole thing will be ...
we must have a seperate allowance for carers as we will be asked to continue to work the 35 hours per week , and if the others just sit on their RSES waiting for a job to drop into their laps, while we work - we will be discriminated against ...workfair just for carers no way mate....
ROSEMARY my little swamp duck if it aint to much bother can you post the other idea`s that you may get via P.M`s.....
is Chris Graling a lib dem??? if so how can he talk of pensions / credits and the like, when the lib dems will at the next election try and introduce a new universal pension £140 per week for all no need for pension credit ...
I will need ask permission from relevant members 1st George but cant see there being a problem. Get back to you asap.

I will put them altogether by Sunday and send off. The hearing is available on Parliament TV , 9th Feb 9.30am
is Chris Graling a lib dem??? ...
see here George
nahhh he`s not = i know him now..... if the old doll is a okay i may well be in London that very day ... not staying over... drive through the night and back next night lots of zzzzzzz between...