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Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
Do carers uk have a view re the universal benefits . winter fuel allowance , bus pass, t.v. licence and now prescriptions ...
In a speech today NICK BOLES conservative M.P. ..he who has the ear of DAVID CAMERON, will call for "better off" pensioners to lose their universal benefits , just 2 weeks ago it was "wealthy pensioners " and some even said " why should millionaire pensioners recieve these benefits when they dont need them" . I wonder if he will inform us today just who these better off pensioners are. Just last week my M.P. Ian Lavery Lab said he would write to Iain Duncan Smith to see if he can tell me how much income /assets a pensioner needs to be better off/ wealthy . The loss of these 4 benefits depending on how much the elderly use the bus pass, prescriptions could cost the BETTER OFF up to £ 30 per week . Carers who care for an elderly / disabled parent may depend on the elderly pensioners income , be it right or wrong carers who care for an elderly parent can and do depend on their income , for many years my own income was just the carers allowance and a small occupational pension and not one other benefit apart from the council tax discount of 25 % on my share of the tax no housing benefit , therefore over the years indirectly both parents supported me as i cared for them , for many carers who rely on just the carers allowance + other benefits and care for an elderly parent who may in the future be classed as "better off " will see a cut in their carees income, this in my view will have an impact on carers ....the question remains just who is better off will NICK BOLES tell us today ? will I.D.S. tell me ? i doubt it very much for me the better off will be pensioners who are entitled to pensioner credit , yet the argument re child benefit and who is entitled to that remains, you keep child benefit when your income is £43-000 ..if carers uk do have a view re the universal benefits i would love them to ask the question of NICK BOLES just who are the better off pensioners?
Those who think the cash saved will be redirected to support the poor think again NICK BOLES has said "we just dont have the money and cant afford it" he has also missed the point that the universal benefits are not just for "pensioners" many are for the over 60`s ...

Pensioner benefits: what they get

Winter fuel payments: £300 for over-80s; £200 for younger pensioners

Free prescriptions: Total value would vary widely but worth £7.65 per prescription

Free bus passes: Cost to traveller varies by region; total expense to Treasury is about £1bn

TV Licences: Worth £145.50 to over-75s. With winter fuel money cut to well-off, could save £1.7bn
http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/po ... 24940.html

The Tory MP did not say how "better-off pensioners" would be defined. One option would be to target the 5.6 million of them who pay tax. The tax-free threshold is currently £10,500 for 65- to 74-year-olds and £10,660 for those aged 75 and over. Mr Boles will also propose that in the spending review, the Chancellor should permit growth only in areas that have a clear impact on the productivity of working people.

The Chancellor, George Osborne, the Work and Pensions Secretary, Iain Duncan Smith, and the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, are prepared to bring in changes before 2015, arguing that old people should play their part in clearing the deficit. But Downing Street has blocked the move.

A senior Tory source told The Independent yesterday that Mr Cameron's 2010 pledge was unlikely to be repeated in the 2015 Tory manifesto. That would open the door for changes to be agreed before the next election which would not take effect until after polling day if the Tories retain power.

to me it looks like the elderly "better off" pensioners will pay for the implementation of the DILNOT report re social care ...
Now this is just depressing me, what other surprises does the conservative have for the elderly, in the next goverment if they do get in 2015.
lar lar lar, the weather rain rain rain now this i don't wanna hear no more, going to stick my head in the sand.
Just forget it after all it`s just a rumour ..and as we know nothing will come of it ....
George, what would you have Carers UK do?

So far you seem to want a campaign on each universal benefit, social care charging, social care provision, Carers Allowance and pretty much everything else.

Trying to do that really is impossible for a relatively small charity with a small team working on campaigns. All you end up with is a lot of really weak campaigns that are easily ignored, instead of one knock 'em down and drag 'em out campaign that actually makes a difference - ideally for as many carers as possible.

If you look at the most recent campaigning, it's concentrated on the Dilnot issue and the fact that social care is collapsing around our ears. That affects a broad range of carers - all incomes.
carers uk just need to respond and ask the questions we dont need a campaaign at all..whenever we hear the rumours put forward by ministers or even M.P`s carers uk should , if we believe the statements are flawed tell them so ....pound to a penny carers uk will welcome some of todays statements re social care but will they make a statement in detail informing them of what is wrong with it ?take the loans from councils for care of the elderly ( where do they get the cash from) , this just rewards those who own a home and may over the years have lived mortgage free , they will be able to borrow cash for care and repay on death , the poorest members of society will continue to receive free care , but what of those who dont own a home or have savings but have worked all of their lives and paid into private occupational pensions they may still be paying rent as their income is to high - war widows and war disabled pensioners who rent do get their pensions disregarded and can claim housing benenfit and council tax relief..but these people can not claim direct payments or individual budgets or free respite care breaks and they will be unable to get a loan from the council as they have no assets at all , therefore they will still have to pay for all their care be it at home (which could be as high as £18 per hour ) or within residential care , they may after a period of time recieve free care that is if they remain in care long enough to pay the maximum of £35-000 ? but if they receive care at home they will have to continue to pay but someone who owns a home can borrow from the council ..Lansley has said today he will reward those who have saved ... surely people who paid into private pensions have saved yet they get no reward at all ..

Take NICK BOLES statement re the removal of all universal benefits from " better off pensioners" why did no one ask him just who are the better off pensioners (i asked him )
Why did no one remind him that the universal benefits are not just for pensioners , apart from the T.V. licence they are for all over 60 years of age ( i reminded him ) ..
i respond in my own way if i think something is wrong but i dont have a voice on my own, carers uk can issue statements, they have been on the radio this week ( unable to listen to busy ) did they ask the right questions ?
Campaigns carry weight and 'responding to rumours' doesn't. Not forgetting that CarersUK is a small charity making the best use of it's resources as possible, reliant on people making donations.
Posing questions is campaigning, George. But a proper campaign follows up the questions to ensure there is a response, that the response is reasonable and addresses the actual question, and follows up with hard evidence as to why the response isn't up to much.

I've been doing this on a small scale over an issue specific to my area. It's taken 7 months to move things forward but it's finally happening...but in the meantime I've been trying to get confirmed funding for the centre, manage job losses, change our approach to funding and marketing, deal with my father's death (and also 6 other deaths of relatives to co-workers), seek alternative sources of funding for projects, recruit volunteers...and try to make sure we are running a service fit to support carers.

Oh. And look after my sister and mother, support my wife with her sister's illness, moderate here occasionally...and look in on CUK during a quick lunch break. Back to work!!
This "saving all their lives" is a load of bull. Mam and I had saved! Then following her stroke it was wait 9 months for a chairlift to be installed while Mam was pushed from pillar to post, or pay for it yourself. So no question as to which option we took. Then it was - oh we don't provide that, you can buy one at .... and there's the catalogue. So all our savings were gradually eroded over the last 9 years. I was made redundant 3 years ago and made sure from my payment that I paid off as many debts etc as I could, with the rest on a repayment plan.

So we are no better off and now we are scroungers. As for this you can work for £100 - but carer's allowance is a taxable (as unearned income) benefit. Plus the effects it would have on housing benefit and council tax.

Sorry - feel the need to vent today.
we aslo paid for many disability aids within the home .the council said they could provide a ramps and stairlift but it would take over 18 months and we would have to pay ..we bought our own we also had to buy a bath lift , recliner riser chair the waiting list for a wheelchair was over 9 months again we bought our own as i have said before the only FREE help we got from the council was half a dozen grab rails which fell off within weeks ..we did get help from STANS old regiment towards the stairlif ..and in 9 years we had 5 weeks respite care (free) which was a bloody nightmare ..care homes no way mate ....