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Renting ? The Ticking Time Bomb ... Seconds Left - Carers UK Forum

Renting ? The Ticking Time Bomb ... Seconds Left

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
Most readers currently renting in the private and social housing sector can relate with this article from today's Guardian :

https://www.theguardian.com/money/2017/ ... rs-shelter
One in three tenants borrow money to pay rent, says Shelter

Keeping a roof over one's head is as important as having enough to both eat and heat on a daily basis.

Over the past few years , numerous stories of social cleansing inside the London Boroughs as the level of rents allied with cuts in Housing Benefit take their toll.

Even here in Worksop , very strong rumour that our district , Bassetlaw , has been approached to " Accept " London " Refugees " over the next few months.

My source ? A contact that served three London councillors coffee before they met with local councillors ... Polish lass who said they sounded like me , her brother is one of my neighbours.

As an aside , she could teach most English bakers how to make bread ... a good old London expression ... 'andsome ... not a crumb left my the time I've finished with one of her loaves !

Make of this what you will ... the social war is intensifying !


I'm never convinced by the 'social cleansing' argument! After all, in the house-purchase sector social cleansing is the norm. I'd love to live in Mayfair, but alas, I've been socially cleansed from being able to afford a shoe box to live in there!

Another factor is that IF the renters being 'socially cleansed' from London are in fact not employed anyway, then does it really matter WHERE they live? (Personally, I'd probably prefer to live just about anywhere other than London, but I guess there are some pretty grim places 'Up North' or whatever as well - it's just that Up North you can get into the countryside SO much more easily and faster than you can in the nightmare conurbation that is London.

'Out of London' is probably better for your children too - who would want to raise kids in London, let alone a poor bit of London??

That said, I agree that if all your 'family and friends' are in London, then being shunted Up North is a definite no-no.

To my mind, the bigger problem from such social cleansing is the impact on the folks Up North! Do they really want a bunch of southern incomers? (!)

As ever, it really depends on 'who they are'. If they are 'the deserving poor' (which really means, ironically, those who do NOT 'deserve' to be poor!), then fine, but if they are the 'feckless poor' (druggies etc - all the Daily Mail usual suspects!), then not fine.

BUT, until the government starts ring fencing 'social housing' such that it can NEVER be sold on the open market for market prices, such social cleansing will inevitably continue. I'm in the Home Counties, and I could no longer afford my own house by about three times over! Ditto for where I lived in London.

PS - Polish bakers would definitely be welcome! Anythign to put Mother's Shame out of business......
Hi Jenny ... housing ?

Most contentious subject EVER on CarerWatch , especially when discussing any possible remedies ... given then , some 9 years ago , there were not any ... 2017 ? ... even worse.

I used the buzz word SOCIAL CLEANSING as opposed to anything else as it appears to be the main term used today.

I would agree that , for many , the term is quite apt. However , some , especially those who are disabled , living alone , or with a carer , are caught up with those who are able to do something about their own circumstances.
To my mind, the bigger problem from such social cleansing is the impact on the folks Up North! Do they really want a bunch of southern incomers? (!)

Made me smile , exactly how I felt on the 1st. November 2010 , arriving 'ere in Downtown Worksop , a stranger in a very strange land !

The last thing I want is containers full of Eastenders singing " I'm forever blowing bubbles " on me doorstep ( Even though I'm on the first floor ) ... West Shammers up 'ere ? On yer bike !!!!

There's enough vermin 'round 'ere as it is .... the two legged variety !

Not too bad , still feel's like a place to work from as opposed to home. A home again ... a comfy chair / bed / light in three compass point directions / heating that heats as soon as it is turned on ? In the traditional sense , probably not in my lifetime.

As for the natives , very friendly , mainly Polish neighbours , consistently teaching them London English ... they understand me better than the local natives !

London ? Born and breed , moved out aged 30 , spent the next 8 years travelling in ... 9 / 10 hour working day + 4.5 / 5 hours travelling ... compared with some , nothing to complain about !

Even if the powers to be agreed a common solution to " Solve " the housing problem , it would take 20 / 30 years no matter which method they chose.

Over the years intervening , just what changes will we see in society / employment which could seriously derail the medium term project ... global warming for one ... keeping properties cool instead of warm ... springs to mind.
Do you know, as a southerner, I have absolutely NO IDEA where Worksop is? Is it Up North?

When I was driving up and down the M6 to visit MIL in Glasgow, I kept passing places whose names were familiar (eg, off Coronation Street!) but which I had absolutely no idea actually where they were.....

The north really is Another Country, you know. (And I'm sure they want to keep it that way too - I would!)
I bet when you see that magic sign ... Hatfield and the North ... on the M1 , you will be thinking of kissing goodbye to civilisation as you know it ?

By the time you reach Stevenage , your worst fears have been confirmed !

I did during my O's away games period in the late 60s ... even the ritual of crossing one's self , praying for a safe return and , at least , a point !

Worksop ? Technically in Nottinghamshire but more culturally aligned with South Yorkshire ( 3 / 4 miles north ) .... Derbyshire 3 / 4 miles west , Lincolnshire 8 / 9 miles east.

A traditional coal mining town showing little signs of recovery from the pit closures more than 20 years ago. The scars are all too visible in the area , even more so in the natives.

For a single person like myself , £ 15k per annum and one could live comfortably ... throw in a few extras and £ 20k would suffice.

North ? Not quite , I always thought of the Humber Bridge as the gateway to the north on the eastern side.

Always a pain when crossing into God's Country , two pints of blood for the Cause as I'm only half Yorkie.