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Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
There is only one thing about this situation that tells the truth and that is that the GOVERNMENT and successive GOVERNMENTS are relying on EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL.

I live with my partner - we are not married - we are not life long partners - we have only been together for six years.

I and members of his family, told the hospital authorities and social services that I was NOT GOING TO BE HIS CARER....MANY TIMES.

and it was weirdly strange, because it was just as though we had never spoken - they completely ignored us. I have spent 24 years of my life as a carer - caring for severely disabled family - I am 68 and it was just as though we had never spoken. I felt completely disenfranchised.
It is also wrong that the carers allowance is stopped when the cared for person is in hospital even though you are still caring for 8 hours a day every day. In our case for 10 and a half months without a break - and I wish we were still doing so as it would mean he was alive...

:( sorry for your loss. I was a carer for my foster son, James, he had cerebral palsy and died aged 13 - I know exactly what you mean. I might not have been his birth mother, but I had had him since he was 4 months old, and to me and my family he was ours.......
Eun - totally agree about the stopping of Carers Allowance when the person being cared for is in hospital for an extended stay. This happened to me twice when I was a carer for my elderly Dad and, as you say, you don't stop being a carer in that situation, you are visiting and supporting them, organising things for them at home (correspondence, bills and other admin) etc. In my case, on the second occasion, during my Dad's final illness, I was having to participate in extremely serious decisions relating to his treatment, including whether or not food was withdrawn. It both frustrated and saddened me that I was somehow not considered by officialdom to be a carer at that critical stage, not to mention the financial difficulties caused by withdrawal of the CA.
Mary, this is only a thought, but I wonder whether your finances would stretch to taking a very short lease on another property - or maybe just becoming a lodger? The point is to create a new 'home address' for yourself, so that you have 'moved out' of your partner's accommodation (if you co-own it, maybe he could pay you rent?)

That way the 'I am not his carer!' might finally get through?

You raise, though, a difficult question of how you 'prove' to the LA that even though you live with someone you are NOT their carer, and that if the caree meets the financial criteria for non-self-funded care that the LA has to send in care-workers.....

Once the care package has been set up and is in operation, you could move back in again??
HI Jenny,

This is a very interesting thought - and I wish I had done it now. The Care Plan has been put in place, so in some ways the horse has already bolted!
Just a further thought - I did ask the Social Worker what they would do if I withdrew from the caring role completely and the response was that they knew we were joint tenants in our home ( private landlord) and that as a tenant my other half was as entitled to be here too. I could withdraw my support and they would just send in carers throughout the day. She asked me how I would feel if a carer came in to make my other half a sandwich for lunch at the same time I was making myself a sandwich!! Emotional blackmail - and intrusion into my life by having carers keep coming in...

Sadly, really, I still love my other half, and morally cannot walk away from the situation.

It's the Carers Allowance that gets me - from my point of view but also the fact that it is stopped when someone is in hospital - when it is actually needed most.

If only all Carers would boycott the election that would put the cat amongst the pigeons. now there is a thought.....
If only all Carers would boycott the election that would put the cat amongst the pigeons. now there is a thought.....
Solely on carer issues , carers have been disenfranchised for 40+ years ... no political party exists , or probably will exist , to offer us anything more than scraps.

Vote or don't vote ... under the present system , the outcome is looking bleak.

If the economy stagnates ... well , that will more than tin hat time ... more like bunker time.
Totally agree! Was miffed just last week, Dwp called me Stating if some one else wanted to claim carers allowance that myself would be taken off the register! When I queried what they
Meant to be told : As I am main carer I'm on register,and classed as 'paid carer' I'm on a pension!! The dwp person informed me my pension was classed as same thing!! I was livid
As informed her I would be getting that pension anyway without looking after someone.!!
Yes, pension should equal retirement! Anyone caring for someone else whilst also a pensioner, should, in my own view, get double. As we get older we don't have the same level of energy. When caring for someone older than ourselves, their needs are increasing rapidly. So the gap between energy needed to care and available energy widens and widens.
This weekend, I have decided to have the trees which form our front hedge cut down, and the stumps attacked by a "stump grinder" so they never ever regrow, to save work. I don't want to do it, I planted these trees as rooted cuttings 40 years ago, but there is no alternative. Especially when I'm always doing things for my son that he can't do for himself.
It won't do any good, I know.. but I will have a little say.

I used to broadcast on local radio before my partner became so ill, I had to be at home. Said radio station is inviting the 4 local candidates in for interview, separately, and were looking for interesting questions to put to them.

I contacted them about the Carers Anomaly, as I see it, and at least it will be aired on my behalf, even if just on a small local station.

Makes me feel a little bit better :unsure: