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UN Disability Law

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Liverpool CC are running a consultation for disabled adults but have refused to allow carers to attend (despite a large percentage of these adults having a learning disability). When they were challenged by a carer, they responded that they did not need to invite carers as they are following the UN disability law.

Can anyone give advice on this, as it seems wrong.

If someone needs a Carer,then the Carer needs to be within the vicinity in case their caree has an urgent need.
My son has a learning disability, but also diabetes. If he was in a meeting that perhaps had refreshments which included sweet biscuits, he would be likely to eat them, therefore putting his life at risk, so I think it would be discrimination not to allow a Carer in to anticipate his needs.(if he could not have a Carer, then he would be unable to attend such a meeting,otherwise as his Carer I would not be acting in his best interests,and that is definitely discrimination, if he cannot access something).
If someone had trouble communicating, they may need their Carer to get their point across for them,which again would surely be discrimination if they did not allow the Carer.
Might be worth giving CUK helpline a ring to find out.
A person who needs a translator would not be expected to attend without a translator.... how is this different from a disabled person needing their carer to support them?

Lots of disabled people would need their carer to meet their health needs, personal care needs, communication needs etc I could never pack S off to that kind of meeting without me it would be a recipe for disaster.

Wouldn't it be fun to boycott the meeting and send in a team of actors instead who could portray the problems of sending in a lot of people who really need their carer to be with them .... oh what fun! And think how educational it would be for the commissioners!

I wonder if they actually mean that they don't want carers attending in their own right, but it is ok for them to attend if needed by their caree?

Unless they also run a consultation separately for carers they may well fall foul of the Equality Act 2010...