It won't be that long before the whole country is under " Threat " from the Government's answer to Japanese Knotweed !

Warnings galore , one interesting snippet from the article :
Newcastle City Council said 85% of council tenants on Universal Credit (UC) were in arrears on their rent.
And , if there's less income coming into the LAs , what happens when any carer , armed with a hard copy of the Care Act , joins the 6 months and more queue , to exercise his / her " Rights " under the Care Act ?

Trouble is , the LAs hard copy of the Care Act is interpreted differently , like a certain other book. And the debate on what precisely is the correct interpretation of the wording still goes on after 1,800+ years ! Still , as carers , we are used to such delays ?

" Should ensure that the needs are ... "

Us ... That's means " Would "

LA ... That's means " Could "

Why not the word " Must " in the first place ? Or , leave out the offending phase completely.

No years of lawyers fees ? Crafty bunch that lot ? Saying either YES or NO cuts down on their fee income. Think on that one ... and not out of Flywheel , Shyster and Flywheel !

No bonus for ten for the correct answer to that one !

Before long , the record attendance for outdoor events in GeordieLand will pass from St. James's Park to Trussells ??? And the queues ... Guinness Book of Records job.

For some with very long memories , haven't the Jarrow marchers made a detour ? Bit slow on the uptake up there , march several miles in the wrong direction before someone points out their mistake ?

It was reported that cobblers in Carlisle were disappointed. Many had spent the morning increasing their price by 50% in advance of the marchers arriving.

Might recognise one towards the front , known native of those far away parts , currently suffering with an ulcer ???

May your sufferings ease ... wish I could say the same for the rest of us with any sincerity. I leave that to our supporting organisations to spin.

The thought of Gateshead away , in January ?

Rest assured that more articles of this nature will appear in the near future.

DWP / Government ?

Attempting their own version of King Canute's failure to turn back the tide ?

The words BLOOD and STONE spring to mind ?