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New care commission to be announced soon - Carers UK Forum

New care commission to be announced soon

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The Government recognise that urgent reform of the social care system is needed to provide much more control to individuals and their carers, and to ease the cost burden that they and their families face. We will establish a commission on funding long-term care, to report within a year.

Membership of the Commission and terms of reference will be announced shortly
I just wonder if it will be like the commission set up by Labour , which had as it`s number one rule ...... no increase in taxation to pay for the residential social care / long term care of the elderly within their own home... stand by for means tested benefits .......

This new government have said they want "small" government , they want families to accept their responsibilities and if they do we will reward them , they want carers to take control of the care for their disabled family members as they know what they need , the carer should control the cash available for the elderly disabled persons care.

social care begins at home , as carers we accept our responsibilities , but the government must accept their own responsibilities, and reward all carers who work tirelessly for an elderly disabled family member , as carers we keep the elderly out of the residential care home system , and with a bit of luck out of the N.H.S. we must be rewarded ....

the cheapest form of long term social care is with a family member looking after an elderly relative within their own home ( be it rented or owned) if they force many of us away from the role of carers by lack of financial support, the cost to the state /local authority will as we all know be in the tens of billions....

but why yet another commission just use IIAN DUNCAN SMITHS report and double the carers allowance now , the vast majority of his report is to be used re the welfare / benefit reforms......
when carers uk "welcome " this commission how about getting our point of view into the public spotlight .

it will be all about the " house " for the children as usual.......
Not just those who care for the elderly George - what about us parent carers and those such as my son who need palliative care which is just not there for young adults....? Image

Not just parent carers either Eun.
This goes right across the whole spectrum of care.
Of course you are right Myrtle - it goes across the whole spectrum. I am not only a parent carer I am a disabled person also. There are people caring for spouses - all sorts. I suppose I mentioned parent carers in particular as I was Chairperson. of a support group for parents of disabled children. Of course my son is now a disabled adult.

Son is at the Hospice just now but not actually for a break - he is running a workshop for professionals at the Volunteers Conference in Stirling. The Hospice SW also dropped him in it by texting him yesterday and asking him to do a presentation as well. I wish they wouldn't do that - not at the last minute like that.

All the best

It's actually quite suprising the amount of carers who also have disablities, or maybe it's suprising the amount that don't given what we all go through.

You must be very proud of your son Image
as far as i know the care commission is for the elderly disabled re social care / residential social care / social care at home + their carers

just had a look it is called the - ELDERLY CARE COMMISSION.
Just what we need another commission to add to the umpteen other commisions that have already "looked into the issues" Image Image

Do you have a link to the elderly care commission George?
So this is acutally about houses to inherit and death taxes - still by the time they bother about the rest of the carers we'll all be old enough to qualify for whatever they evnetually decide!!!!
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