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"Trading a beer gut for Brainpower" - Carers UK Forum

"Trading a beer gut for Brainpower"

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Time magazine this week carries a report about a study of 150 overweight or obese participants that demonstrates that obesity affects a number of metabolic pathways, including those that keep brain cells nourished with oxygen and other nutrients. Subjects who lost weight saw improvements in their scores on tests of recall and attention. According to Time: "The findings confirm the growing body of evidence linking obesity to cognitive deficits and conditions such as Alzheimers disease, dementia and stroke. Might be handy for those of us with children with Downs Syndrome too.... exercise makes you smarter.
[quote] According to Time]

maybe so in the USA, but I've met many Alzheimer's patients in the UK and can't recall one who was obese - most forget to eat unless reminded Image
Have to say that my late Grandmother was one of the healthiest people I knew. She ate very little fat, had a healthy Mediterranean diet (she was Italian). Walked everywhere, kept herself fit. She was very intelligent, a great thinker. She developed Alzheimer's, we guess, in her late 60s.

She also reached the point where she forgot to eat too.

Alzheimer's/Dementia does not discriminate, I'm afraid.

Individual exceptions are of very little use when discussing epidemiology. Its a bit like swapping stories of centenarians who smoke 20 fags a day - there are always some people who buck the trend, maybe because they carry a protective gene or just through luck. This article is saying that there is evidence that carrying extra weight causes the risk of damage to the brain: it wouldn't be published by Time unless the article had substance: I'm sure there is a large and very smart rocket scientist somewhere in the world, so what?
Looks a lot like another "lets bash overweight people" story again - I get tired of them.

Weight is a massive issue .. Image