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Time for a Break for Carers - Carers UK Forum

Time for a Break for Carers

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
We're trying to help Carers take a break by offering a free to enter competition for Carers to win prizes such as free membership of the National Trust and Royal Horicultural Society. There's a range of prizes on offer for Carers and all you have to do is answer a simple question to enter. The campaign is being run by the Concessionary Travel Club - the organisation set up to help older and disabled people make the most of free bus travel.

It's not commercial because there's no cost involved. We don't have a big marketing budget so we do need your help to spread the word to as many Carers as possible.

So please enter the competition yourself and help us spread the word by forwarding the information about the competition to your fellow Carers.

You can enter the competition and find out more at http://www.concessionarytravel.com/carers
dont forget the government will remove the inter city concessionary travel for the over 60`s 50% reduction but if you book before the end of Oct they will honour the 50% as long as the journey is made before August 2012 the Welsh are okay i think not sure of our friends north of the border --- the free local bus pass remains ...
The article talks about Care Providers,before mentioning Unpaid Carers.
Is this for people like me, as an Unpaid Carer, or for people like the paid care staff who support my son several days a week?
Yes, the competition prize draw is open to both Unpaid Carers and Carers who work for Care Providers.

When you answer the question "Are you a Carer" you'll see a drop down menu appears that gives you the option to say whether you are an Unpaid Carer or a Carer working for a Care Provider.
Sorry, but carers are carers and care workers are totally different.
Well done, Charles.
While I can appreciate the intention behind offering such prizes to people who are often hard up, and therefore unable to afford treats after paying for essentials, IMHO it's not very well thought out.

You see, the thing is, unless you also provide somebody to see to my caree for however long I'm off enjoying myself, I can't/won't go. He can seldom be taken with me, because even a short journey makes him worse (as does the exertion of getting up & down the dozen steps outside this so-called ground floor flat).
Yep. And also, it's not just anybody who can come in and look after our carees. What about the quality and understanding of what's required when we're not here?
Well said, Katja, too. It's not that easy 'getting someone to come in and care'.
Lot more to it than what I call 'wheelchairs and pills'.....................

It's a great gesture, but a shame that we have to enter a competition to 'win' one.
Carers can get in to the National Trust free if they have their caree with them.
I appreciate that not all the prizes will suit all the people all of the time and that not everyone will be able to get out to take a break for some of the reasons in earlier posts.

That's why we've tried to come up with a range of prizes that range from getting out and about (National Trust membership) to saving money for that garden or DIY project for at home activity(B&Q).

It's hard to know what the right balance should be.

I'd be interested in feedback on the type of prizes that people would like to see more of - whether it's getting out or maybe things that would be useful for at home leisure activities - for example subscription to the Radio Times.

We've just started this so I'm sure we haven't got everything right. So I welcome feedback on the things you'd like to see. Unfortunately we can't solve all the broader government policy issues but I think we can make a contribution to helping some people take a break or enjoy something they might not otherwise have been able to do.

On the point about Carers and Care Workers we're not trying to imply that they are one and the same. Clearly they are different and that's why there's a choice in the drop down menu to identify whether you are a Carer or a Care Worker.When we were working with Care Providers on our Activecare project one of the things they wanted was a chance to be able to accompany people on bus or other trips without having to pay.Some were volunteers supporting Care Providers that were charities.

That's the main reason we wanted to make sure that they were eligible to enter the competitions, but that doesn't imply that Care Workers have the same issues as Carers.

If there is sufficient interest and participation in the future we might want to run different competitions for the different roles. However at the start we thought it would be better to walk before we try to run.

As I say, I'm sure this needs fine tuning, but please join in and help us get it going.