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my feelings.

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am i the only one that feels this way.

great all the publicity yesterday on the bbc news. but why does it nearly always have to be a carer close to tears. we have all been there, buckets full at times, but perhaps it would be a good idea to have in the media a carer, really ANGRY about the way the government treats us.

No Pam--you're not the only one-- they would never allow a carer to be shown hand evacuating bowels--unblocking catheters-- cleaning up the results of liquid feed running straight through--clearing lungs to stop caree choking to death etc etc .

That might upset some body and might even get the public thinking we deserve more-now that would never do would it?
I can completely understand carers feeling very emotional about the media coverage yesterday - I spoke to a carer this morning who was absolutely furious when she saw that the total amount that carers are saving the Government is £87b, "when I get a pittance" -

BUT the campaigning that we and thousands of carers out there do - including getting the media to highlight the cold hard reality of what caring involves - does pay off: yesterday the Government announced they were raising the earnings limit for carers on Carers Allowance to £95 - every little counts

Department of work & pensions Press release - http://www.dwp.gov.uk/mediacentre/press ... 200907.asp

The wheels of Whitehall grind slowly, but things do change. Please carry on the good work.
Clare--Please tell me why I should be rejoicing as you seem to be about carers being able to earn more???

This sort of welcome for every little bit does carers nothing but harm.

Tell me how I can benefit from this !!!!

I can't use Home Care--they have been cut to the bone and are only good for popping in to see if everything's ok-- no use whatsoever at actually doing any caring>

Respite care-- If I could afford it ( last quote £1200 a week) is so poor patients are left to sit all day and night in their own excrement.

Hospital--can't trust caree to the NHS -because even in there they are not capable-or don't have time to care for anybody who can't do anything for themselves.

So --sorry Clare -but for such as me-- the wheels don't just move slowly-- they don't ever move>
sorry clare, but i agree with Ken. when the person you care for needs 24/7 care or there abouts, how can you possibly earn £95 pounds per week.

It feels to me as though the powers that be live in another world.

Evan if you could get some help with caring whilst you are at work, once you put your foot through the front door, you would be expected to take over the caring. we are not robots, but human beings like the rest of the world. we get tired, (and old). we do not get holidays like everybody else does. if we could get respite this has to be paid for. anyway, how could we afford a holiday. its just a dream for most carers.

I am very angry clare, angry for myself and all the other carers out there. if there is a pace of change, its so slow as to be almost non existant. maybe life will be better for carers in 2030, but what about us now, we need and deserve help NOW. and as our representatives, i look towards carers UK for that help, and quickly. Yes as you rightly say the wheels of Whitehall do grind slowly when it suits them...........need i say more.
Just wanted to say that I realise the reform to the earnings's limit doesn't solve all the problems faced by carers - or come even close. But its still an important gesture, particularly for the 3 million carers who do combine work and caring. So many of the carers who took part in our consultation events for the National Carers Strategy told us how big an issue the earnings limit is for them, and how angry they felt that this was something the Government could easily change. So yes I do think its something to be pleased about.

But Carers UK knows that carers face huge problems in getting services, for the person you're caring for, getting help themselves, and getting by, with benefits being such a drop in the ocean. You can be sure, we will continue to campaign really hard to get Government to do something on those vital issues too.
Let's face it---all the Government is after is getting carers back to work and CUK seem to have taken that on board more than anything else.

The truth is --we don't just face problems getting services-THERE ARE NO SERVICES-or at least none that I would trust my dog to.
Sorry--but regarding my previous post--there is ONE service that provides what i need==

Crossroads-Caring for Carers- but they have to struggle on public donations and the crumbs left over in local Authority budgets.
Hi Clare: I raised something very similar to this to matt sometime ago, i never got an answer, it annoys me that whenever you are asked to put forward a carer for media coverage you always seem to put forward a very polite and non angry person or persons, the people that were on TV yesterday both seemed to live in very nice and comfortable houses, as ken was saying you never seem to show the hands on side of caring, the photo of the people that were put forward to meet Gordon Brown is a prime example, pick some really hardup people who have holes in their shoes, no heating in their home, run out of incontinence products, show the really bad side of a carers life, show people the real gritty side to what carers do, for as long as you keep showing the media cosy images the government and the general public will not take any notice of carers needs.
If i was looking in on that woman carer as just a ordinary person with no carer experience i would not think she was having such a hard time, your campaigning has got to get more real, show some angry people, everyone you show seems to be pleasant and calm, those images do carers no real good.
I also find it annoying that you seem so pleased with yesterdays announcement, a large amount of people are still totally left out, 24/7 carers are as usual forgotten about, carers have increased the amount we save the country but in real terms they are now getting less, carersuk should not sound grateful to the government, you should infact be shouting out your total anger at carers being failed again.
You should campaign more like the RSPCA, they seem to get very good results, why dont you show some graphic images of really poor carers, carers on the brink of nervous breakdown, carers who can just afford to eat or who are now homeless, these are the images you should be showing.

Excellent Tony, Pam and Ken.
I hope that Carers Uk will listen and change.
It is time to show the true face of carers.