A pilot scheme which matches elderly people needing care with home carers is being launched nationwide.

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HomeTouch, which is backed by venture capital firm Passion Capital and the Nominate Trust, which invests in digital companies that tackle social problems, enables users to find carers by filtering for skills such as dementia expertise, driving ability or an interest in gardening.

"This business was born out of my frustration as a dementia physician," Wilson said in an interview.

"I saw many, many of my patients and their families reporting that the most troublesome problem for them was finding reliable home care."

He said that home care agencies often pay low wages, resulting in a high turnover of staff and inconsistency in the level of service delivered to patients.

HomeTouch, which includes private health provider Bupa amongst its partners, matches carers directly with patients' families, enabling the professional to manage the relationship and typically earn 50-75 percent more than they would earn through an agency, he said.

The platform uses some of the techniques pioneered by other online marketplaces, he said, such as client reviews, video profiles and advanced search.

HomeTouch takes a 20 percent commission on transactions through the platform, Wilson said, adding that the number of transactions on the site had grown fivefold every year since it launched in 2015.
Make of this what you will.

As carers , most will see both advantages and disavantages in the way this scheme will function.

The move towards privatisation of the " Profitable " elements of social care gathers pace , leaving the " Non profitable / loss making " parts with the taxpayer ... which fits in very nicely with the current Government's philosophy.

Even when the profit element disappears , the taxpayers will pick up the bill as demonstrated by the closure of privately run care homes.

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