The end of the wheelchair as we know it?

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A new kind of mobility platform, allowing the user to stand up, sit, and move around in 'normal' indoor spaces. Check out the videos etc ...
amazing piece of kit !
Sadly no longer suitable for my oh as he can't do anything for himself, but it would have been fantastic before we got this far!
Amazing Image
Not remotely suitable for those with DMD. OK for those with upper body strength and no contractures I suppose but not for severely disabled people like my Rob who need lateral arm supports and lateral knee supports, extended footplates, gel seating and Rocarro backs and headrests Image

No good for us but looks great for suitable users - if they can afford it!
Slight exaggeration there, me thinks. Whilst I admit it could be a great tool for some disabled people, I can also see that there are still vast swathes of the market who it is also unsuitable for and to that end, I feel that we will still have need for our current wheelchairs for a while yet.

It would be great to be able to offer the wheelchair bound so much independence as that seems to promise though - but I fear that this will not happen without more investment in inventing new concepts or even importing some of the ideas that America has already figured out. I mean they already have wheelchairs where you can strap the caree in and they can stand up at the flick of a switch.