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Swine flu vaccine: why are carers excluded? - Carers UK Forum

Swine flu vaccine: why are carers excluded?

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
Gordon writes: "A few times in the year, I try to whack a wee white ball with an iron stick into a not-so-wee white hole a few hundreds yards away. At golf, I am definitely an amateur. And despite my height, I am even more of an amateur at rugby and as anyone who has seen me chasing balls smacked over the net by my girlfriend, my efforts at tennis could only be considered amateur."


AHHH but we all get ill because of our caring duties where we dont look after our selves,, so its best to let the cold turn to flu and then we might get some where!
Well looking at the side effects, I'd rather get the flu!
I have no intentions of having the swine flu vaccination unless it mutates into something more dangerous in which case it is unlikely that a vaccine will be available in time to have much impact, I am more concerned about seasonal flu. And I will not be taking Tamiflu if I catch swine flu, it has very little effect on the outcome of what is currently, with the exception of a very few cases, a minor viral infection.
iv got over my paranoid thing about it so its all ok and the tamziflu thing dont sound much good-- better off just having bed rest and a few days sufering than that drug
drink. drink. drink! Image Image Image Image

(now for the boring bit: drink lots of water, if you believe official government health websites. Me, I take my advice from watching "Father Ted". Image Image Image

Now, for the serious policy bit. Follow the link. Paid care workers see hundreds of patients a week, many of whom are very ill. So their chance of coming into contact with flu-victims is much higher than we normal unpaid carers, who languish in delightful relative isolation. Also the vaccine doesn't actually work by all accounts, it's a flop. So, as policy goes, this advice http://carersblog.wordpress.com/ is definitely in the Queens Park Rangers minor league. Sorry Gordon!

Me, I prefer to follow my beloved Ibrox side. Champions League here we come, hell mind the rest; and we aren't wimps, we drink whisky, Irn Bru and rum !
I wouldn't have the vaccine if they paid me!
What do you mean "relative isolation", I languish in total isolation, the only virus I am likely to catch is a computer virus Image Image .
My kids don't even catch head lice, now that's isolation Image
Image Image Image I needed that today, brilliant!!!!!! Image Image Image