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Standby To Accept Some Refugees , Fellow Carers From The SS Carers Trust Forum ! - Carers UK Forum

Standby To Accept Some Refugees , Fellow Carers From The SS Carers Trust Forum !

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
Now more than just rumours /whispers , and in the public domain.

Greetings to any refugees reading this post !

https://space.carers.org/t/closure-of-c ... arers/1518

A letter from your former captain. Makes interesting reading to any reader.

How times change ?

Still , the Company remains afloat even if the Forum has sunk. Nothing else to jettison in place of the Forum ? Oh well , your former captain's decision , not yours , I assume ?

I am sure that our Boatswains have no objection to what's already out there ?
It is a sad day at Carers Trust as we announce that our online communities are closing.

( Sad ? Happy for your hierarchy given all the justified flak they took over the years ! )

From Wednesday 12 April 2017, our online communities Babble, Matter and Carers Space will close down.

We have taken the decision to close the services as we could no longer support them financially.

We know how invaluable the services have been for unpaid carers across the UK and the difference having chats with others, finding information and support and just having somewhere to vent your feelings has meant to you, which makes it even sadder for everyone.

As you can see we created a post on each of the communities where you can find other sources of help and information - see the links below - and I hope this will be useful.

I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to our online support team who have worked tirelessly over the past 12 years to provide a 24/7 service to thousands of carers.

We understand that many questions will be raised about the closure so we have attempted to anticipate the questions and provide some answers (see below).

I'll be taking part in a live webchat on Wednesday 5 April between 8pm-9pm and I have also arranged to be on Carers Space on Thursday afternoon (6 April) to answer any questions. You'll be invited to post your questions there from Wednesday morning onwards.


Gail Scott-Spicer
CEO, Carers Trust

Interesting to see the Voice mentioned , merely as an alternative home , rather than as a rescue vessel picking up survivors ? That doesn't concern us in slightest , fellow carers coming abroad !

Still , their ship sunk sometime ago in relation to their Forum.

Mangement to blame , first removing the Archives of the old one , and then changing the design on the new one.

You'll find the customary mug of tea slightly warmer even if the biscults leave something to the imagination.

No piping abroad , all inmates are treated equally on here. Except , of course , when those dodgy engines play up , and all hands needed to man / woman / person of indeterminate gender the oars ?

No language barrier , only watch out for the Rules , upstairs towards the bridge. Although not on them , the flying of the Jolly Roger does cause a lttle consternation amongst the Boatswains.

To avoid scrutiny , an eye patch , crutch and / or stuffed parrot on shoulder is allowed without a murmour. A Norwegian one ? Oh dear ... definately time for something completely different !

To which port this ship is heading , only the captain knows , and he is not telling.

Will it be the sun drenched Caribbean in summer or the rain and gloom of the Wirral peninsula at anytime of the year ? A gondola passing through the splendours of Venice , or on a rusting canal boat passing through Downtown Worksop , local sights , including me , to be avoided at all costs ?

Welcome to the mystery cruise !

Top deck , help and advice.

Middle desks , virtually a mix bag including the News Section.

Bottom deck , specific disabilities / illnesses.

Home for the barnacles , some guides.

Catering ? Passable , although some of you may have had Trussells as caterers before ?

Usual " Have a nice day " ... storm front approaching with 40 foot waves expected.

Now , for breakfast today , you have a choice of ...

Only joking ....
Welcome to any new carers who find there way here :D
14 months on and our ranks have since been swollen somewhat by the survivors from the SS Carers Trust forum ... after their owners decided to scuttle that vessel ?

Looking at the numbers since April 2017 , everything is down except for postings in four sections ... NEW / ALL / TIPS / NEWS ... for short.

Forum changes aside , just where have all the survivors , and some already on board here , gone ?

Internet search ... UK CARERS FORUMS ... add FAMILY for a double take ... reveals hardly any , and those that are revealed , have been going for a number of years.

We are told elsewhere that membership is buoyant ... FaceAche stats support that ... 45,838 people like this / 43,843 people follow this .... impressive by any standards ... certainly leaves our forum in the shade if one judges by the number of " Reads " per thread.

However , just view the numbers elsewhere on FaceAche ... under the postings ... mere handful each time ... few shares ?

Taking that into account , would mirror image what we are seeing on this forum.

X,XXX members names still appear in the tombstone elsewhere on the forum but ... if possible to SORT by date last posted , and then exclude all 2 years ago or more , how many left ... a few hundred or so ?

Only forum left in town ... and even this one's quiet if not in hibernation.

Take away the contributions of just 3 stalwart posters on here and , the forum really would be in serious trouble !!!

Volunteers ? Posted elsewhere ... given the numbers quoted to us , what's the problem ?

Green paper shortly ( By our standards ) ... that will almost definitely lead to a mass exodus ?

Category 5 on it's way to CarerLand ( A succession of category 4s so far ) and indirectly , to Carers UK ... will anyone be listening to whatever for a few months if not years ?

Just an observation ... but with some uneasy questions ?
Chris From The Gulag wrote:
Fri Jun 29, 2018 2:43 pm

14 months on and our ranks have since been swollen somewhat by the survivors from the SS Carers Trust forum ... after their owners decided to scuttle that vessel ?

Looking at the numbers since April 2017 , everything is down except for postings in four sections ... NEW / ALL / TIPS / NEWS ... for short.

Forum changes aside , just where have all the survivors , and some already on board here , gone ?
I've used the internet regularly since at least the early 90s, much of that has been on forums devoted to a diverse range of subjects. They are all dying, the general consensus whenever it's been discussed, (and it has, often, and just about everywhere) is that Facebook is killing off conventional forums.

I don't really understand it, I made a Facebook page back in about 2005 but never really followed it up. I've used it a lot more recently since we made a page to promote our activities relating the Hampshire Open Studios, but it really doesn't do it for me, there's very little discussion or debate in evidence on any of the pages I now look at regularly, and I have to say my usage of Facebook is dropping off considerably after a brief flirtation..

One forum I used to use was hosted privately and dedicated to UK Dragonflies, that closed last year, and, looking for something similar, some members pointed me towards a Facebook page for UK Dragonflies. It's just not the same, there is very little info exchange or discussion (except for contentious ID matters) it seems to be mainly a vehicle for posting photos.

Another forum I use which is devoted to angling has over 20,0000 members and now has maybe half a dozen regular posters, I'm surprised it's still going but there must still be some revenue in it for the owner.

I'd like contribute more on here, but I tend to keep quiet unless I know what I'm talking about. In that respect, my knowledge of Benefits, the SS system, MH and many other aspects often seen here are minimal, which rules me out of many discussions.
Perhaps a few , like me , on the outside looking in as opposed to being on the inside , looking out ?

That was the essence of CarerWatch ... seems to be totally lost on most on this forum in 2018.

At least , someone is trying to look after the interests of carers ... plural ?

To me , the view either way is ... grim.

Openings minds ?

Difficult if they remain closed ?

Even the social side of the forum ... anything other than the monthly Roll Call threads ?

Towards the final few months of the CarersTrust forum , that was all that was left on there.

At least those show the human side of many posters.



Bearing in mind a possible redesign in line with most other forums.

It is NOT our forum ... owned / operated / run by Carers UK ... we are mere " Tenants. "
Purely curiosity ... and thinking of what the current traffic figures show.

Having sent a rescue ship ... in hindsight ... would a rubber dingy have sufficed ?

Any survivors from the SS Carers Trust Forum reading this posting ?

Any forum members serving more than a two years still around ... apart from the active posters amongst our ( Privileged ) ranks ?

( Privileged as in others actually reading our postings ? )

Or , did the non appearance of the promised rations make your decision for you ?

" It's Austerity you know , everyone has to cut back ! " ... says Joe / Josephine Public earning £ 50K between them !

( £ 25K on my manor ! )
Over zealous moderating certainly doesn't encourage people to post, Chris.

Shades of Orwell's 1984...doublethink the only permissible way...
Mmmm ... a short range of comments ... either historial or received off forum :

" Why should I post anything ? No action is ever taken ! "

" If I want a moan , I'll go down the pub ! "

" What have they ever done for me ? ( Shades of " The Life of Brian " ? ) "

" What support services ? Everytime I need help , nobody's available ! "

" Same old forum. No different to Facebook. "

" Why post my problems. Nobody will believe them ? "

" Carers forum ? No b****** different to the local bunch of ****** ! "

" If I was depressed beforehand , why view the forum to make it worse ? "

" Why bother Chris ? Nobody wants to listen anymore ! " ... ( The Ghost of CarerWatch ??? ).

Just a few .. all genuine ... all bar one from a male ... I've ignored the " Slightly more cutting " ones ... except one potent one ... they belong in the past !

Perhaps the infamous forum gremlins have had a part to play ?

Who knows ... forum remains quiet ... that expected boost just did not happen ... a problem for CUK ?

Perhaps no garibaldis on offer ?

1984 ?

More like 1353 ... the aftermath of the Great Plague ?

My own view ?

ANGER ... a sense of no hope ... almost like 2019 is now built on that pyramid ... whatever anyone tries ... given the base ...it will fail !

It has been so for ... 15 years ... using the first wave of LA cutbacks ( And nobody taling any action ) as " Ground Zero. "