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surely this is grounds for discrimination? - Carers UK Forum

surely this is grounds for discrimination?

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... -week.html

Okay above link, now answer me this how the hell can the government be affording this yet they are cutting OUR services OUR benefits and are unable ( or unwilling ) to give us a decent weekly benefit?
Surely if migrants are being handed £250 just like that then there is no reason that we should not be receiving the same after all we are actually doing something that is saving this country money alot of the migrants who are going to flood here for their £250 will be sitting on their backsides doing nothing.
Now i'm thinking discrimination here i'm also thinking that european human rights should be enabling us to also obtain at least £250 a week instead of the carers allowence and income support.

I would really and i mean REALLY like to see carers uk making a VERY VERY big media fuss about this it's simply not right.

Yes i am seething can you blame me?
No I dont blame you, I get £55 to be a 24/7 skivvy, no wonder I'm sick of my life!

The Daily Mail is a notorious rabble-rousing rag, and most of their stories are pure fiction mixed with racist venom. I think we need to look closer to home for the really big benefits rip offs: like the Monarchy. Sure, we like to laugh at their silly hats and cheer at their parades, but as a family they are living in six huge palaces and taking tens of millions of taxpayers money in benefits without adding a single tangible thing to our way of life or even (in most cases) doing a days proper work. I can't recall ever being asked if I wanted my hard earned tax spent on them, or being asked to vote for them. And by the way, they are the descendants of Greek and German immigrants - didnt they do well?. Image
The point is we are NEVER going to be able to do anything about the Royal family whilst we MIGHT be able to do something about the rest if we create enough of a public stink about the total injustice of it all.

I don't think anyone will listen to carers/disabled because we are 'invisible'.
David (I understand the disabled)Cameron has never replied, or any of his minions, to anything I have ever sent him, either by post or e-mail. Same with my local MP, his secretary replies but it's all the party politics, such and such is doing this that or the other.

Nobody gives a monkeys about our struggles, mental, financial or physical.
That's it I'm afraid- stick us in a box and leave us.
i dont read the papers as i get very worried about all these cut backs, working out the bills this mornig and skin of teeth can do it!

But i dont need anything else to worry about at the moment

it would be very nice for the carers allowance to NOT be taken fully off of the income support at least!
I agree pixie,

It's taken off my hubby's pension credit- I mean what is the point? We still end up with the same amount which is not enough to buy care in so it's still 24/7.
I agree with all of the above. I have been my husbands full-time Carer for the last 10 years and during the whole of that time I have never qualified for an actual payment of Carers Allowance - just the 'underlying qualification'. For 7 and a half of those years I did not get any help from social services to help look after him - despite having had Carers Assessments done.

This week I have had a very stressful week due to the DWP writing to me and telling me that in 1996 I had been overpaid Disability Working Allowance - they couldn't work that out when I was actually working, obviously! They wanted to deduct £31.00 per week from our current benefits - which would have put us in total financial hardship (my husband has to have a high calorie diet of 7,500 calories per day to maintain his weight, i.e. the equivalent to feeding 3 adult men on the benefits of one adult man).

Had a very stressful week constantly talking to 'customer' service' reps at DWP Debt Management who got me to jump through hoop after hoop after hoop. I have ME and have had 2 strokes and quite honestly I was distraught after a few days. Just by some fluke of chance I found a link to e-mail the DWP Ministers and so I did - never thought I would get a response. Finally after 3 days of the 'customer service reps' making me feel like a cheat, a liar, a thief and a fraud I finally had someone ring me regarding the e-mail I had sent to the DWP Ministers and she said that all action was being stopped by Debt Management and that their 'policy people' would be handling the matter. I have never received any explanation about this alleged overpayment, got different explanations over the phone when I called them, had rude, patronising, obnoxious people talking to me and still don't know if they will be reclaiming the amount of £391.00 that I am alleged to have owed since 1996!

It does make me angry that I have worked so hard for the last 10 years trying to maintain and sustain my husbands health, 2 years ago we went through hell when we were victims of severe anti-social behaviour and racial and disability harassment/hate crimes and nobody and I mean nobody did anything, not the housing association, social services, the local authorities or the police. We were left to sink or swim and we sunk - we were so despondent that we even felt like ending our own lives because nobody cared to help us and nobody wanted to help us or tackle the anti-social neighbours. We lost the home that we were working on to make fully accessible for my husband and instead we have been put in a house that the housing association and local authority know can never be adapted to meet his specific needs and we have been forgotten about. His health and mine have deteriorated - no one cares.

What do we have to do to get some recognition, respect, courtesy and thought? If we were paid health and social care professionals we would get such things. We are professional carers - we are the ones who know those we care for best. What do we do?
1996????Have they really got nothing better to do with their time?
15 years, surely they should have noticed before now.
I hope it is soon sorted without any more distress to you and your husband.