Slightly political one but concerns all carers and carees alike.

Questions now being asked by fellow mps of the decision to keep benefits frozen for a 4 year period : ... 86076.html

For once , step outside the Party system. Each mp meets with his / her local constituents with no barrier as to which coloured scarf they choose to wear.

Even in traditional blue scarf land , many mps are being faced with the stark reality of life on each manor.

No breakdown existings but ... how many food banks now open in traditional BlueScarfLand ? Be a little ironic if one opened next to or opposite a blue scarf mp's local surgery ?

A little like everytime Stalin looked out of his window in the Kremlin , he saw the Union Jack flying over the British Embassy in Moscow.

No mp can ignore the issues brought to the table by his / her constituents.

If they do , it is likely that votes will be lost ... for some , the number one priority , any issues come a poor second.

Again , could well be that the grass roots are influencing matters , long may that continue !!!