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Substandard level of Care in Hospitals - Carers UK Forum

Substandard level of Care in Hospitals

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Has anyone seen the report recently about the standards of care for the elderly in hospitals?

This is a link to a summary of the report; http://bit.ly/GTZTw6

From my own experiences I completely Agree, I think doctors see the elderly as a nuisance and often don't appreciate that they deserve the same standard of care as everyone else and this disregard often compromises the care they recieve?

But haven't we seen reports like this before? and have there been improvements? I don't think so, what about you?
From my family's experience in hospital situations and at my late son's inquest, I think that Drs see ALL patients as a nuisance.
Member of our family going through this now. Negligence been admitted by hospital concerned but there are so many points they failed on.
We complained about my father's care a month before he died. We're still waiting for an answer. I've warned them that if we don't get an answer within the next few days the Ombudsman will be contacted.

What they put Dad through was disgusting.
Having been a frequent user of the NHS over the last 10years I think its getting worse. On one of his recent stays my hubby was labelled as incontinent and put in padded pants. Well so would you be if after 1 hour and several requests you didn't get the commode you'd asked for Image
There also appears to be an increase in nurse deafness it doesn't matter how many times you buzz or shout them (even when they walk right past you) they some how manage to not hear you.
the staff just seem to wander about,you only get to see sho's who aint got a clue,you get a care co ordinator who you see a few times(last time november next time april 16th),in our case it's worse than most people 3 seperate conditions,three lots of idiots to contend with,always late getting in and pay twice as much on the carpark,to get told nothing you didn't know already and come back in 6 months.you then try the gp route and that's equally a waste of time,mention wife struggling to sleep with az and all you get off gp is "who told you ,you had alzheimers",i was so close to giving sarcastic reply but thought forget it!
Both when S was an acute medical ward and also when I had a an op a couple of years ago, many of the patients on both the wards were elderly. The care we got was mixed - depending on who was giving it. The care of elderly patients, especially the confused and/or those with mobility problems who were overweight was definitely worse.

We desperately need a reliable body to whom we can turn,a body with teeth,so that when things start to go wrong they can step in and hold people accountable.CQC are a joke,as were CSCI before them.People have to die before any action is taken,then all we get is `lessons will be learnt`.This country is full of action giving people rights,and useless when it comes to holding people responsible.Why would anybody bother to do their job properly if there is no come back for laziness,neglect and abuse?
Michael,I agree with you.
My younger son was in and out of hospital for four years before his death, with the potentially fatal Diabetic ketoacidosis. I begged for support for him,I made an official complaint at one point,but nothing was done.His diagnosis every time was due to being a "non-compliant" Diabetic.I have seen his NHS notes now,and this was written with each admission. His death was due to ketoacidosis,but also on his deatyh certificate was diabetic kidney disease,and that was on his notes for the first time about four years before his death, but it had hit a more critical point 11 months prior to his death.At his inquest,the Diabetes specialist agreed with the Coroner's suggestion that the kidney disease was not discovered until postmortem.At that point, I was not aware of the lab test results. I did not see the NHS notes until afterwards.
He was in Intensive Care several times,but for some reason,although lab tests were ordered and the kidney disease did show up, it was ignored.
I have pointed out these facts to the Coroner, but have been told that he is not intending to re-open the case.
I tried making a complaint to NHS, but having to separate everything into what departments I was complaining about was just too much. They have beaten me. I have nothing left,I could not even get justice after my child died.And the Dr who laughed along at the inquest while he was telling us about young people with diabetes can continue to ignore people with the condition who are struggling to cope. I will never trust him.
Everything is in the public domain now, since the inquest,so I am not writing anything that I should not be.
Tunnel vision is alive and well in the NHS! My mum has terrible osteoporosis, and is now bent double, she can't even straighten up enough to have a badly needed MRI scan. She was fine until she broke her leg 7 years ago. She was made to sit with her leg up, and so her head was bent forwards. I kept saying mum shouldn't be sat like that, only no one would listen. Every time I went her head seemed to be lower and lower. She needs to walk with a Zimmer frame as she can't balance without it. If only someone had listened. Recently, she was in hospital for a month, no bath or shower, just one hair wash - at home she has a special bath chair and has a bath every day. On discharge, it seemed she hadn't had enough to drink, strong urine, bad farts, when she came home you could smell her as soon as you came into the house. Now she's back to her old self, sweet smelling with lovely hair, thanks to a visiting hairdresser. The hospital keeps talking about bed blocking, we hear about ambulances queuing, but the elderly have just as much right to good care as the young.