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Pensioners and Universal benefits

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before April this year after my rent council tax and utilites were paid i had available to spend ( on food?) from my income of private pension + carers allowance the grand total of £34 per week .....
George, is that based on your income or the total household income?
If I base mine on just my income (ie carers allowance) I don't have enough for my share, let alone food!
Based on total household income is a different story entirely.
it is my income and the rent, council tax and utilities is my half which i have to pay..we are mother and son i see this as a big difference from a couple who do work together financialy or at least they should ..i am an independent person who has to pay my way Image ..as i have said many times on this forum my mother pays indirectly for her care from me which is of course a great help to me ..if i did not have a private pension i would be better off ... i think Image yet the council have rejected all my claims for support ie direct payments carers grant from G.P as they say i`m to rich ..even the respite care which is for me the carer to have a break is not free as the council take my mothers income into account ..i have said before is it right that the disabled persons income is used to pay for their carer to have a break when the carer is saving the state billions each and every year??? pleased to say i am free from financial worries now but had my mother passed away just last year i would have also been a casulaty, this can be a big worry for many carers who end up depending on the income of the person they care for ..one reason why the carers allowance should be raised ....

One reason why i dislike social services--- in 1997 when i gave up work to care for STAN my father who was also in receipt of a good war disabled pension and his own private pension ( he was self employed from 1951) i was asked by social services why i would not place STAN within a care home ..we did consider care homes but for us not one was suitable we spent some 3 months looking at them some as far away as 30 miles, in the end we decided that i would retire early, at the time i was a senior leading overhead linesman with an income with guaranteed overtime of over £34-000 IN 1997 .. i ended up with the carers allowance of at the time about £45 ? per week + a rather small tiny private pension ...yet one social worker asked if i was going to use STAN as a "cash cow" it took 18 months to get an apology from the social work team ...
We are not in 'poverty' but we are struggling. Benefit system has just not been there for us. Since last August we have had to use what savings we had ( lucky we had them ). Hubby gets his ESA ( £105) per week and I get my part-time wages. Daughter has picked up the council tax. Having learned from past financial mistakes ( think most of us been there at some point ), we had no debts. However, managing week to week, trying to put money aside for bigger yrly bills and likes of various insurances, eg house, car is the biggest impact on us. There is nothing left over and you learn to rob Peter to pay Paul at times.
http://oald8.oxfordlearnersdictionaries ... ry/poverty

Poverty, definition of. Note it is "uncountable" and take from that what you will. I have no desire to disclose my financial situation on a public forum but in answer to the OP question, my answer in "No". Have I ever been in poverty? A different question to which my (personal) answer is "Yes".

I have lived not knowing where the next meal is coming from, having gone without food myself. To me, not being able to have a meal because I could not afford to buy more food means that I live in poverty. One meal missed would not be regarded as living in poverty to some third world countries as has been pointed out many times recently.

I may have food but a massive hole in my shoe (yep, been there too). Poverty stricken? Hmm, well..I dunno..

The point I am clumsily trying to make is that I feel it is a question without a definable answer, without using the "in comparison to" which I hate so much.

My gut feeling is that if I have clothes on my body, shoes on my feet (albeit ones that let the rain in) and a roof over my head, I am ok. If I have enough to eat then I am not in poverty.

Different strokes for different folks.
i dont mind being honest and open about what income i have and if you read the posts properly i have said before this APRIL / MAY i was in my opinion in poverty , i am now able to draw on 2 private pensions that were linked to work and from APRIL / MAY this year do not see myself as in poverty at all but the cash i did have available to me was mostly spent on paying for my pensions which will now support me in the future ..i am now financialy independent and with a bit of luck i will not depend on the state to support me in my old age well apart from the new universal pension of £140 per week that all will be entitled to claim from 2015 ???.... posted the poverty info as many of us dont realy know what the level of income is before we are classed as in poverty ..like ROSEMARY in the past i also robbed Peter but sometimes Paul still had to wait ....
not yet,ask me in 12 months time,have i ever been in poverty? yes,screwed over by my mother in law,wrongly arrested,1 week away from losing everything,jobless and living on credit cards and wondering how the hell you're going to feed your kids.willing to be in that position again?not if i can help it,i will fight for survival again as i did before,i don't know about robbing peter to pay paul is that the same as having to commit fraud so your kids can eat and have christmas presents to open,it took me years to get straight and i aint going there again,my wife is drifting away from me with alzheimers and i'm just in the mood for a good argument with adult social care,mps and dwp.
audrey,i just don't think people fully understand the true meaning of being desperate,i remember back in april 2004 sitting in the bank crying when i found out my tax credits had finally been sorted and i was semi straight money wise and could get a proper weeks shopping,still owed thousands of pounds on a card,no job because i got hounded out of it by the police,a bank loan i lied to get,scared in case i got stitched up again by hinckley police and mother in law and an emotional mess,came to lincolnshire to start a new life,basically running scared and now dealing with alzheimers etc,stuck in lincolnshire and if i could sell the house and move back would be able to juggle 30 hours and care with the help of my kids and not care about carers allowance and things that i'm desperate to keep to survive,rant over.
George, there's no easy way to define poverty. There are some in this country who would say it doesn't exist.

You have a computer. A TV. You put petrol in your car.

Some would say that's rich. Others would complain that the computer isn't top of the range, you don't have a 3DTV, and the car isn't a Mercedes or better.

Or how about someone who has a big house, 3 or 4 kids, big car couple of years old and a maxed out credit card and other loans they can't now pay because they've just become a carer?

It's all relative and there is no way to define it.
I am sick and tired of repeating myself the whole point of the post re poverty / wealthy pensioners was that we may in the next few years see an end to the universal benefits paid to ALL WEALTHY PENSIONERS ie the winter fuel allowance , bus pass, T.V. licence and probably prescriptions i wanted to know just what the level of income is before we are classed as being wealthy..as some on the forum thought the removal of universal benefits would be redirected to the poor ..and i asked just who are the poor and pointed out the child benefit that will be removed from the wealthy / rich but the poor who will retain the child benefit will have an income of about £43-000 per year, all i asked was will the same level of income be used for pensioners when they remove the universal benefits ...that is from poor pensioners who have an income of £43 -000 per year .................not one person has come forward with an income level at which point they should lose the universal benefits...for me they should all retain the benefits but they should be paid only to PENSIONERS in receipt of the state pension and not from age 60 ..if you say they should lose it tell me how much they should have as an income to make them as IAIN DUNCAN SMITH / NICK CLEGG says wealthy middle class pensioners ..............