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state pension reforms

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get in line
I already know I can't afford to retire. No need to use a picture of me! Image Image Image
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this reminds me of when i moved to grimsby,i went to the job centre and was told i could have a work related interview tomorrow to try and get me a job,if i wanted an interview to sort benefits i would have to wait 10 days.
That says everything, Malc.

Gill is Mike's appointee: she got a letter last week stating that his benefits from the week before had been stopped because she "hadn't returned form A2" (that she hadn't received). Gill pointed out that

1) They couldn't backdate a notification.

2) She hadn't had the form

3) They were risking putting a severely disabled young man out on the streets as he could lose his home.

She got a form back by return and the benefits reinstated at least until she returns the form - by Special Delivery sent last night.
charles,you need to be on your toes with them and not a shrinking violet,i've had loads of similiar arguments with council tax benefit,they've accused me of fraud and allsorts over the years,i rang adult social care yesterday and quoted what dr graham stokes said re az and asked if mark would print it and give to the managers for me,the part that says anybody who specialises in dementia will know her behaviour is normal,and said to him the truth is stranger than fiction sometimes,sometimes the system is like a game of wills and i aint going to crack first!!!