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State Of Caring Survey 2017 - Page 4 - Carers UK Forum

State Of Caring Survey 2017

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
On the Survey front , under health , might want to cross reference with another issue ... malnutrition amongst carers :

http://www.carersuk.org/forum/specific- ... rers-29223

Hopefully , whatever is produced will enable that " Problem " to be tackled head on ???

A natural consequence when analysing the Finances element in case it's not readily apparent first time round ?

Any concerns expressed during the roadshow meetings ?

A visit to anyone of the 400+ food banks would probably have confirmed the " Problem " ?

One less than a mile away from hq ?

Interlocking issues once again !

Strange to have an ally in this ... of sorts ..... the DWP itself ????????????????

If our contribution towards saving £ 132 BILLION doesn't increase with their projections , they will be asking the question " Why ? ",

Same answer , numbers fit and able to contine caring falling off through malnutrition ... your lordships !

Answer would be " Fix it within existing budgets ! " .... now , that's an interesting policy to put into practice ..... what's left to sell in CarerLand ... not another cut in rations ?

Not my logic , their's .... and their's alone.

Funny old world ... it ain't !

There are times , now increasing , when I feel I'm in the wrong job ?

And ... I don't get paid for mine.
State of Caring Survey 2017 now available :

http://www.carersuk.org/for-professiona ... eport-2017

Stated conclusions and recommendations :
Carers UK believes that immediate practical action on the following is needed to make a difference to carers’ lives:

Following its consultation on a new Carers Strategy, the Government must publish an action plan setting out how improved support for carers will be achieved with targets and milestones so carers can see the progress being made.

Increased and ring-fenced funding for carers’ breaks, offering a transparency and consistency across local authorities to those who need a break from caring.

Sustainable funding settlements for social care and the NHS, including the provision of housing fit for caring, affordable care services, and technology that supports carers.

Carer-friendly NHS, including policies that help identify carers and to promote our health and well-being resources
Any essential element missing ?

Finances element included in the actual Survey.
Of all these, making the NHS a lot more "carer friendly" could be done so, so quickly if the will was there. It's a postcode lottery. When mum was in and out of hospital, I asked Royal Bournemouth Hospital for a copy of their carers policy. What's that? Oh, we're "working on it".. I told them that drafts were available, they didn't have to write them from scratch. "Are they?"
Towards the end of her life, mum was readmitted to Royal B. while M and I were on holiday in Somerset. They refused to speak to me, saying whilst they had my details on file, they couldn't know by using the phone that I was really me. So we had to cancel the holiday and go home!
it does not surprise me one iota. as I have had to deal with my wife's issues solely on my own since she came out of hospital, arriving in a Ambulance and virtually dumped on my doorstep I have neither seen hide nor hair of any support from the NHS ...I AM A STATISTIC that is mentioned on a piece of paper and nothing else.....never in 21 years has anyone offered me respite care, even if I wanted it.
In a supposed welfare state I find as in most things the motivating criteria is MONEY and nothing else matters to the authorities forget the humanitarian issue that is seemingly irrelevant same as the irrelevance of the Person whom is caring, I have at the age of 80
not the time time to indulge in social protocol as it grinds in its own sweet way regardless,
nor have I time for the endless repetitive paperwork that is all consuming but of the utmost importance to the Bureaucrats who revel in this, but cannot see the futility of it in comparison to Caring for an individual who has lost the independence so vital for living day-to-day
Lookingafteru, was the discharge planned and arranged with Social Services?

Did the NHS consult with you before they discharged her?
To be perfectly honest recollections are now vague due to the time involved I know they gave me a date but cannot remember any consultations with any authorities, I have been disgusted by the whole issue for many a long year, as i am with the whole process.. no designated NHS nurse to oversee her welfare, nothing. as I see it SHE COULD HAVE BEEN ABUSED,STARVED,ANYTHING, but the AUTHORITIES COULD NOT CARE LESS, I hasten to add that none of this happened as she is loved just as much as when we got married 54 years ago
Chris, even if the NHS outdoor IDENTIFY Carers Would individual medical practitioners know how and when to communicate with them?

Answer No
Identifying carers will enable to the Authorities to actually plan any policy.

As it stands , no one has any idea how to plan as their " Target " is an unknown entity.

Once that is achieved ( If ever ) , logical plans can then be put in place ( Finances willing ) which would include the medical profession.

Don't forget , the Care Act was planned , and passed , on the assumption that it MAY benefit 375,000 carers .... less than 1 in 16 of perceived carers .... as if this was a " Success " in it's own right.
I seem to recall that the 2001 Census asked questions about Carers?

Voluntary organisations have a much better record of helping Carers than local authorities do
Having included the question on the 2011 Census , no one has followed through with any enthusiasm.

https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulation ... 2013-02-15

In which case , precisely why was the question asked in the first place ?

The whole microcosm of what's wrong in CarerLand in one action.

6 million carers so revealed .... so what ?

6 years later , nobody has taken any further step forward.

Politicians / academics / supporting organisations ... nobody.

Our Lord Kitch aptly details what needs fixing.