State Of Caring Survey 2017

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
Mrs A, rest assured you and your caree will never be regarded as poor cousins here on the forum and I hope your not feeling hurt by the forum members- just badly worded surveys issued from the powers that be.
Whatever the NHS or Local Authority protocols or Standards Frameworks prescribe ( at great length and great detail)
The practitioners Nurses, Doctors, Social workers delivering service at grass roots level regularly take "short cuts" and will omit vital elements from their delivery.

The survey was good. Please do not be disheartened by negative comments by others.
Thanks Pet and Henrietta
The support from the forum is, and always has been superb.
I completed it anyway

Organisers please note section 12 question 5 offered 3 possible answers for each statement but there were no headings to say whether 'Agree or yes" was on the left or right. So any answer made to this question by anybody will be meaningless
There was another section where you had to choose 3 things but it didn't give you anyway of prioritising them - just three columns with radio buttons
I think thats the same section Henrietta. Great minds alike! :D
Noted that there are questions on social services but not NHS continued healthcare, are you not aloud to ask about them? They are just as bad

Took survey to show support. Knocked me back to tick all the boxes on the part about the impact caring has on my life, to where I added in a comment box "what life" :D
How do Social Workers gain agreement from elderly home owners who are dead set against moving from their own home?

On a separate issue, the standard of care homes differs widely.
How do you choose a good one?
How do Social Workers gain agreement from elderly home owners who are dead set against moving from their own home?

On a separate issue, the standard of care homes differs widely.
How do you choose a good one?
Probably best to set up a separate topic for this Colin_17031 as it will get lost in this thread.
Thanks All for taking the survey so far. I've passed on your feedback to the policy team who will be able to amend any problems with the survey.

For those asking about last years survey, here is the report. ... aring-2016

And press release: ... heir-lives

And here's how we used the evidence...
Last year we used your evidence to:

Put together a comprehensive submission to the Government’s Carers Strategy
Demonstrate to Government that the Care Act in England is not making the difference to carers lives that it promised and highlight the impact on carers of cuts to social care and community health support arguing for more funding for social care
Raise awareness of the need to reach carers’ earlier with financial and practical support and the impact of missing out
To highlight the difficulty carers are facing accessing health and care services in the community forcing them to use A&E departments
Argue for the needs of carers to be central in housing policy and tell Government carers’ key concerns about housing
Campaign against changes that would have given local authorities in England responsibility for Attendance Allowance
Call for protections for carers in any future changes to the State Pension Age and for carers incomes in later life to be protected
Press for greater recognition of the support carers need to juggle work and care.

As result:

Extra funding for social care was included in the Budget though longer-term funding is still needed
We successfully campaigned to stop Attendance Allowance – the benefit for older disabled people – from changing from a national entitlement to a locally controlled benefit in England
A commitment was made to include carers as a specific group that should be given longer tenancies in social housing
The need for employers to have policies in place to support those caring is prominent in the Government’s Fuller Working Lives Strategy on supporting people to return to or remain in work later in their lives
The Independent State Pension Age Reviewer’s has highlighted carers as a key group that needs special protection in any future pension changes.

Many thanks