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State Of Caring Survey 2017 - Carers UK Forum

State Of Caring Survey 2017

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
Each year we run the State of Caring Survey to help us show the reality of what it means to care for a family member or friend. You can read more about the survey here: http://www.carersuk.org/news-and-campai ... urvey-2017

Being a forum user, we know that you have some great insights into what caring means to you so we'd love to get involved. There’s so much more we need to change and we need your voice and experience to do it.

We've now launched this year's survey, to help us get a full picture of what caring is like in 2017, grab a cup of tea and please fill in the confidential survey by clicking here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/stateofcaring2017
Anyone else filled in one of these ?

Given that the " Big Two " issues are finance and support services , did anyone else considered that the questions asked were " Weak " ?

If whosoever needs this information , and given OUR needs , I would have expected to see at least a dozen or more on separate sections so as to ensure the root issues can be fully known , and policies adapted to fill those needs ?

Lack of financial resources ? Obvious to list the main reasons but , it also leads on to several other areas.

Respite breaks / leisure time / support services / isolation / depression ... just a few which could be cured by increasing the income of both the carer and caree.

Surveys ? Fine .... provided you ask the RIGHT questions , and extrapolate the results from a TRUE cross section of carers.

How many of our fellow carers have no Internet access ? Need food banks for food and / or energy ?

Just imagine if that survey had asked the question ... Have you ever used a food bank ? ... survey said " No ". There are several times as many carers using food banks than are members of our supporting organisations.

See the problem ?

One common factor would be ... you guessed it ... lack of money.

No wonder surveys , at best , are mere guides as opposed to a true picture , a picture of what ? That depends on what questions are asked in the first place ?

We , in Carerland , know differently ... we have to survive in Carerland.

Perhaps a survey designed by carers ?

How about if carers issue a challenge to an assortment of our " Peers " ? Each one attached to a carer , all with different issues , for a month , same rations as a carer , and then , at the end of the month , ask them to fill in the same survey and our survey.

Which survey would our peers find more revealing after a month in the trenches / gulag ????

After all , mummy does not know best ?


As an aside , a little history.

2010-2011 ... CarerWatch , following invitations , an influx of disabled members , to add their experiences / visions to ours.

One of the first areas they explored was our take on surveys. Low and behold , almost to a poster , they were critical of the surveys being undertaken by some of their supporting organisations , even suggesting some were engineered to provide the " Correct " answers.

Suffice to say , it is not the supporting organisations in the firing line , it's the methods used to gain more insight which may just skate over the real issues for both carers and carees alike.

Be interesting to learn if the Roadshows ( Even with entry by invitation only ) provided anything new NOT already available though this Forum ???

Bottom line ? Neither carers / carees nor our supporting organisations are winners !
I've just filled in my survey. One question didn't have anywhere to put an answer.

However, my biggest concern related to the questions asking about how much you were affected by...
There was only one option, so it didn't matter whether caring meant you couldn't do just one thing, or anything, because of your caring. I'd like to see more options saying how much you were affected next time.
Section 16 ?
1. If any what has been the impact of caring on your health?

My health is no different as a result of caring
My physical health has improved as a result of caring
My physical health has worsened as a result of caring
I have suffered mental ill health eg stress or depression as a result of caring
My mental health has not been affected by caring
My mental health has improved as a result of caring

2. Which of these describes the impact of caring on your well-being? (Please tick all that apply)

I have reduced the amount of exercise I take
I have found it difficult to maintain a balanced diet
I have experienced an injury/my physical health has suffered
I find it difficult to get a good night's sleep
I feel more stressed because of my caring role
I feel more anxious because of my caring role
I have suffered from depression because of my caring role
Caring has not had any impact on my health and well-being
I have put off health treatment as a result of caring
My health improved as a result of caring
Without belabouring the point , for many , given an adequate or inadequate income ( cuts both ways ) , would your answers to the above be the same ?

Took a dummy run , lack of finances would have had to been noted in " Other " as a reason for 4 sections , and as an alternative answer in another couple but no way of adding.

Also , bigger issues ... no mention , so , how do we express our priorities ?
not had chance to look at it yet.. will do tonight.. but seriously....Chris.... when are you going to become an mp????? the country need you, your deliver, your sense of humour, your knowledge, your honesty, your commitment to never back down and tell things how they are??????? I'm being serious.....!!!!! :idea: ps I'm still thinking about the problem with housing from the other topic........I am will get back to it....when i find it again that is...as I so useless at finding my way around here !!! oops school run calls... later :arrow:
Me ? Currently serving time in a gulag ?

I should put you commission , you can then pay my fines ?

Past life ... who was it that wrote the speech that Oliver Cromwell gave to the House ?

Pretty lonely place nowadays ? Only Dennis Skinner to play cards with , and nothing but those *** bleep *** miners all day long ... but one has to admire his honesty and forthrightness.

Won the first hand with Thatchers over Scargills against a pair of Tebbits. A case of " On YER bike son " ??

Housing ? All property is theft ! Not me , that's the shadow always disappearing when I glance round. Had to unleash him on CarerWatch on a couple of occasions , still burying the dead now !

Humour is a good defence mechanism when dealing with the outside world. Without it , how else woud one even think of crossing that threshold after the caring days have ceased.

ENOUGH children !

Surveys ... complete ... no fibbing ... no copying ... someone is paid a salary to collate them and pass them on. Someone else is paid a higher salary to " Announce " the findings , after a couple of recounts , one being 99% " Yes " to one question , whereas a " No " was required by management.

Then , someone with an even bigger salary throws them in the rubbish bin , dreading that stright red card , the P45 and no references , if ever The Boss is told of the actual results.

The survey in question , of course , being on whether to leave the European Union or not , multi layered this time ... or should that be whether the English want the Scottish to stay in the Union ?

Only joking ..... ?

This survey is important ! Without it , there will be nothing new on the horizon for any of us !
Yes just completed it - had my whinge about premature unsuitable recent hospital discharge
Most questions seemed more applicable to those receiving help from Social Services than those caring for someone who is self funding but please note it is the caree with the funds and not the impoverished carer.

Out of interest- what has CUK been able to achieve with the results from last years survey?
might I suggest - b*****r all?
It says for unpaid carers of "disabled, older, or seriously ill"

Do I not count caring for MH young adult? And what about all the others caring for MH children and adults? With all the press lately about mental health this is yet another example of how its regarded as the poor cousin.

It's bad enough that he cannot get Nhs help 'because he's not a danger to anyone else" but for hubby and me who are on constant guard and trying to mend or cure him on our own, its really hurtful to have our caring ignored by an organisation set up for carers.
I am offended.
I'm offended for you Mrs A. Caring for a very much loved member of any family, with difficulties, regardless of age etc is very painful and emotional. ((( HUGS)))