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Terry Pratchett - assisted suicide - Carers UK Forum

Terry Pratchett - assisted suicide

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But I know enough about the endgame to be fearful of it, despite the fact that as a wealthy man I could probably shield myself from the worst. But even the wealthy, whatever they may do, have their appointment with death.
interesting, but I am anxious about the comment on ill people being a burden.I worry about ordinary people. Will we be pressured, if the law should change, into assisted dying?And will some families hide away, even if in desperate need of support, because they may be afraid of being pressured into having their relative die?
I was pressured, second and third pregnancies, to have an amnio, but refused. First time, I don't know what we would have done, had we been told about Ben. I am thankful we did not know until he was born.It feels as though we are aiming to be a "perfect world", from cradle to grave, and any imperfections can be dealt with and washed out of our memories.
(I have only had my Grandad with Alzheimers,where the whole family was involved with his daily care, and that was 40 years ago,so cannot look at this from a lone Carers point of view,they may have diffferent feelings to me).
As it happens, I lost a good friend today. Liver cancer - very aggressive. He is a Catholic, but if it had been me, I would have taken my life six months ago following diagnosis. I mean, what's the point of carrying on - really? Terry doesn't need anyone to help him ... yet, as he knows what is happening to him. And why wait to leave someone else with the agonising choice?
I am very sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. Regarding what you said about just ending it when you are diagnosed with a terminal condition, as you know, my 24 year old son's condition is terminal (Dr's said he wouldn't see 18 ) - should he just have obligingly ended it when he was diagnosed at the age of six? Should he pop his clogs now then? I do not think so - he still has a lot of living to do.

He is looking seriously into doing his Phd this year (I remember mentioning he was considering it last year and got given some advice from friends on here as to where he could maybe access some funding etc but I can't find the post now.) He asked about funding but they said they could only give him a couple of hundred quid and the course fees alone are £4,000.

He is still determined to go despite his dad and I's objections (we are terrified for his health if he goes through with this).

Surely there has to a middle way on the Assisted Suicide debate - I clearly see both sides of the argument and agree that it could be seen as "1984 Big Brother is Watching You" scenario whereby the elderly and ill could be 'persuaded' that it's the 'right' thing to do.

But if you know that your life is never going to get better that your physical and mental wellbeing are only going to get worse then, perhaps, you should have the right to make the decision about when and how you die. (And this is coming from a woman brought up as a Catholic to believe that suicide is the biggest sin of all !).

I'm not advocating 'putting someone out of their misery' - but we do put our animals to sleep when they are in great pain and there is no hope of recovery. Perhaps we need some kind of regulatory body that could determine some boundaries and a legally binding Living Will that could be drawn up stating under what circumstances the patient would want it to take effect.
The pro- death brigade keep saying this is about terminally ill people but then go on to describe reasons for euthanasia that relate to disability such as needing help with personal hygene. One woman stated that this was sufficient reason as it was degrading to live with that!

If euthanasia were legalsied for terminally ill people then it would take only one small ammendment to the mental capcity act to make it compulsory for disabled people - oh look! No disabled people - no need for carers - all problems solved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I kind of see Excaliburs point, not saying that Terry Pratchet should kill himself but just that if he feels that strongly himself then surely he can make his own arrangements, personally I would prefer he did and stop trying to change legislation that could ultimately affect everyone else. I hate this idea as a parent who worries what will happen to my sons when I'm no longer around to speak up for them and someone thinks their quality of life is so poor they would be better off gone.
There are a lot of emotional issues. Yes, I see Excaliburs point too,but I look back to my own mothers illness. She had pancreatic cancer, which is more often than not a terminal illness.The months when she was ill, she used as family time, in between treatments. her grandchildren were all under 10, and can remember the time with lots of love. When she died, she did so in her own bed with her family around her holding her hands, and her grandchildren asleep in another room.If she had taken her own life, everything would have been so different emotionally, and we may have missed the opportunity to give our Mum the loving care had had shown us all our lives.
I know opinions on assisted suicide euthanasia is divided, but I believe there is a place for it in some cases, but the problem is whether the carer, hurting enough with having to assist in the "killing" of their loved one, then may have to face consequences as if they were a common murderer, instead of being recognised for stopping someone suffering any longer. I stress I am only in agreement with voluntary euthanasia and have no specific opinion on other forms of euthanasia.
after reading a few more posts, I want to say it is only the terminally ill, those who will never get better, only worse, and are in a lot of pain, where their quality of life, and ability to communicate that choice will deteriorate as time goes by