Social Care Funding ? Back In The Pot ?

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Usual source , today's Guardian , Andrew Dilnot ( Dinot Commission ) and his take on the present hotch potch : ... or-new-tax
The chair of the Dilnot commission on funding of care and support said a tax was needed to provide lifelong adult social care that was not means-tested.
All well and good , a social care insurance plan another idea but :

Will still lead to those able to afford to pay paying , those not able to receiving the same end product ?

Whatever , something needs to be done , the System is collapsing WITHOUT any mention of our role ... as per usual , that is taken for granted !!!
Ministers are trying to use a sticking plaster to patch up Britain’s social care emergency
read in full here ... emergency/

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The sticking plaster method is used throughout the social care sector.

Demolition ball more apt.

What will follow must suely be better than what went before ?

I had to use a macro for that one in CarerWatch days !
One from the Archives on here ... just under 10 years ago ... same question , same answers ? ... l-care-329

Most significant ?

Just under TEN years ago.

Note the exchanges with the Voice itself !!!

The number of outstanding questions / answers on this Forum alone defies belief !!!!

One well known member now no longer with us identified just under a 1,000 going back to 2011 !!!
Instead of allowing me to get a one off payment for my son's care needs (he's never had a one off in 31 yrs either) they would prefer 11,000 going back in the pot...accumilated by 'a care agency' not providing ..the care for months on end.