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Social Care Costs : Government & LA News / Plans / Actions

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Hopefully that respite allowance is not from the same fund so may not be affected. I get respite from the sitting service - 2 hours a week respite from Dad although he is over the threshold and classed as a self funder. The respite is for me as a carer and not means tested so hopefully they won't take that away from people.
The Tories new care costs proposals are dreadfully depressing.
If you own your own house but have hardly any savings you find find yourself in a dreadful position of not affording care, but having a roof over your head.
Clearly, it has been thought out by someone who has never been in a caring position. Nor have they ever had to worry about money either I suspect.
It penalizes those who are ill. It's going to make the elderly and unwell sick with worry were it ever introduced.
I must admit I'm shocked by it.
Where's the logic either. One could care for a relative for decades to be left £100.00 or one could request they are put into care home and still receive £100.00.
Very valid point.
But why do we have to pay for social care, we work all our lives, paying income tax and national insurance, we pay VAT, we pay tax on just about everything.
Why do we have to pay for social care, we all grow old, you cannot avoid that, the majority of us will need social care, social care isn't a choice it's a necessity.
Have I read it's free in Scotland? so why isn't it free in England?
An interesting situation if partner is in care home and house is jointly owned.

Suppose the person living in the house wished to downsize. Will he have to give up all of partners half share except 100k in the house or is the charge on the house passed on to the new downsized house ?

If they had to pay up immediately he/she may not be able to afford to downsize!
A little more on this issue , given the source , Jan Shorrt , National Pensioners Convention :

http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/ho ... 42226.html

Tory manifesto: Conservatives proposing 'Frankenstein’s monster of a plan' for social care, pensioners warn

'The Conservative’s manifesto pledge on social care offers the worst of all possible worlds for millions of older people and their families,' says National Pensioners Convention

Worth reading in full by any reader.

Comments section at the bottom ... another feeding frenzy probably on offer.

Interesting ... an UMBRELLA organisation ... now , where have I heard that word before ?

Mutual cooperation ?

Virtually unheard of in carer circles until one read's the Governance thread .... !
Re: Social Care costs.
The DWP has gone £200bn over budget hiring two firms to administrator PIP. Look at the misery PIP has brought. :(
That money could have been spent better elsewhere.
Why don't the Tories go after getting corporation tax from big businesses? Amazon etc.
Why perhaps because "Theresa May’s husband is a senior executive at a $1.4tn investment fund that profits from tax avoiding companies."

In the meantime I'm nearly 51 and have been a carer since I was six! (I had a decade break in my twenties.)
It's been a stressful worry most days and I've had to look very, very closely at the household budget to makes ends meet.
It would have cost a small fortune if I had not been a carer to both parents. I've no idea if they will keep the house disregard system? I could have been selfish and looked after just myself, thereby perhaps owning my own house or flat by now. I've damaged my own health. There are days when where I wonder if my health is not worse that the person I look after! Mums only got a modest house worth around £150.000 and it is unsurprisingly in great disrepair. I could walk away with £100.000, under the Tories, but with house prices what's that going to be worth in some regions. Plus they'll probably change there mind if they got in again - like they did last time regarding the £65.000 care cap. That's was pushed to 2010 and has now been scraped.
Why do the vulnerable in life have to worry? Why can't they go after the big boys who can pay?
More than ever the NHS needs to be invested in.

Just imagine how worried one is going to be living in a home with hardly any savings but needing care.
It's very depressing news re social costs.
Just wondering- how many people at the moment receive care at home and own their own homes? They seem to be the group that could potentially loose the most and very little said about it. One would imagine they would include a lot of traditional tory voters- but presumeably not enough to effect the election.
One of the newspapers highlighted this link. It's from the Instute of Fiscal Studies. It gives a breakdown.

http://election2017.ifs.org.uk/article/ ... -backwards

https://www.theguardian.com/society/201 ... al-studies
Thanks very interesting Daffy. It appears to me at least a fairly small group of people in terms of the electorate who would be affected greatly by this and perhaps why I haven't heard as much shouting as I was expecting on this subject.
The other consideration in the equation is how many of the people who will be greatly affected have the energy/capacity to understand the proposed changes and moan about them? I suspect a large chunk of these people could have dementia with no family or family not actively involved in care.
To those further away from needing such levels of care, the prospect of the £100K probably seems like a good deal.
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