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Social Care and next week’s Budget? - Carers UK Forum

Social Care and next week’s Budget?

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
As carers we can be hit from so many angles, not just those we love and care for. From welfare reform, NHS cuts and the biggie of Social Care. Some of us can be hit from one angle, some 2 and many others will be affected by all 3. That does not take into consideration the day to day stuff we cope with. ( I just wish sometimes we heard more good news, more good stories, than what we do ).
The final Treasury Questions before a Budget or Autumn Statement always reveals not just what the Opposition plans to attack the government on, but also where the government is feeling particularly vulnerable. This week’s session suggested that ministers are rightly quite nervous about social care funding – and that they realise they will have to do something about it in next week’s statement.
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http://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2017/02/wi ... ks-budget/

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Probably be a slight easing which may , partially , find it's way down to the ground floor.

As for the carer army ... diarise forward a generation or two ... unless a full blown recession forces the Establishment hand sometime in the near future.

Money or human beings ?

There is only one winner in today's Sad New World.
Paying lip service next week as usual.
Given the " Temperature " towards most of us shown by the current Government , a few " Horror " measures which may , or may not , come our way :

1. Carers Allowance / Pittance

To be abolished , and replaced by payment from our carees. No doubt , extra funds may be made available to our carees but , less than the saving in Carers Allowance , and , giving our carees problems if they are moved into the tax bracket and / or effect on other benefits.

On the menu since the last Labour Government's phoney consultations in 2008 / 2009 .... present lot emphasis family values , why should the rest of us pay for a carer to care for a family member ?

2. Food Banks

Any claimants receiving handouts , either in food or energy , to have the equivalent cost deduced from future benefits as they are seen as " Benefits in kind ".

Trussells helped with over one million referals in the last year. Early estimates will be one and a half million this year without taking into account the removal of housing benefit for some of our younger citizens.

Someone in the DWP will be adding fresh batteries to their calculator before long.

3. Housing / Council Tax

Discounts for certain benefit categories to be reduced / eliminated.

4. NHS / Social Care While In Hospital

Charges for " Social Care " to be levied while someone is hospitalised. Always a grey area ... currently free but charged once one leaves hospital.

Take your pick and place your bets ... now.

10-1 current odds on all four !
I don't get any Carers Allowance anyhow, as I'm too old! (But I'm not too old to care).
That might backfire on them. If quite a few grumpy oldies refuse to pay their family carers, the carers will be forced to walk, and eventualy it will turn full cycle and SS will need to pick up the tab- short sighted.
Henrietta wrote: and eventualy it will turn full cycle and SS will need to pick up the tab- short sighted.
This has been the problem with both past and present govts. Noone is looking long term other than to save money, NOT what the effects will be

With a " Slave " type army of 6 million + , the Establishment is not unduly worried as nobody has challenged the Concept of Social Care , and how it is administered , merely relying on guidance from so called experts whose only real contact with the carer army is a couple of paragraphs in the main textbooks covering the subject.

After all , ask any academic advising the Government , and they would usually reply " Carers ? What do they know about caring ? Only we know , we teach the subject ! "

As I type , take any political party out there. They all have the same notion ... with subtle differences as to how much money should be burnt proping up a terminal system.

For the carer army , it's extremely difficult to see where any help is going to come from.

Best hope will be from the words of a Judge , House of Lords one if persued to the legal end.
Chris From The Gulag wrote:For the carer army , it's extremely difficult to see where any help is going to come from.
Maybe we should form a Trade Union? ......
MOCS. Mug of Carers Society. :)
Carers only have one weapon ... and it will never be used.

Simple ... stop caring.

Nothing else in the locker.

.... and the Establishment smiles ....

All they need due is to throw a few crumbs our way from time to time to show their " Appreciation " of our ( enforced ) contribution to the rest of the citizens in this third world country.

No whips or chains , that's simply not the British way ... although many feel as if they had been applied ?

.... and the numbers now living in the Gulag are increasing ....