Independent this time for this one.

Rising inflation - a freeze on income = A cut.

Simple economics , the argument as to " A cut " meaning the same to us as it does to the Government is the same one as " Black and white " and " White and black. " ... 61196.html
The four-year freeze on working-age benefits, which includes the main rates of Jobseeker’s Allowance, Income Support, Employment Support Allowance and Housing Benefit, as well as Child Benefit and other working tax credits, came in last April and was expected to affect 11 million families across the UK.
The comments made by one of their spokespersons should be treated with contempt ... there's no extra marks for hiding the real effects behind diplomatic language !!!

Only a couple of months and the " Carers Stategy " which , thanks to an outside observer at the same meeting together with our supporting organisations , will be " Fiscally neutral ".

Interesting phrase that means NO EXTRA MONEY unless I'm missing something ?

No Government would dare risk splitting the carer army ?

" Here's a few more scraps for you that we denied to the others. "

No , it can't happen here ... or can it ?

Still awaiting for either of our supporting organisations to report on the same meeting , with their version of events.