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SHROPSHIRE Very bad news for carers in Shropshire - Carers UK Forum

SHROPSHIRE Very bad news for carers in Shropshire

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According to a story in today's Shropshire Star (see link below), Shropshire Crossroads has run out of money and is due to close early next year.


I am devastated at this news - the service that Crossroads provided for my Dad and me in the months leading up to his final hospital admssion in 2008 was priceless, providing very welcome company for Dad at a time when it was becoming increasingly difficut for him to leave the house and giving me a much needed break from full-time caring one afternoon a week.

Call me a cynic, but I reckon the powers-that-be will refuse to step in and help out financially, preferring to let professional caring organisations such as Crossroads go to the wall, to be replaced by voluntary organisations as part of the "Big Society". I sincerely hope to be proved wrong.
Hi Dee,
We're in Market Drayton and are trying hard to keep our Carers' Group going each week, I don't attend it, but the money angle is hitting everyone and everything at the moment.
Sad news about your Crossroads.
I raised the matter of Shropshire Crossroads' impending closure with David Wright, MP for Telford. He subsequently wrote to Telford and Wrekin Council regarding the matter and has now replied to me with a copy of the response he has received from the Lead Joint Commissioning Manager, Older People and Disability. The gist of this response is that T&W Council regard Shropshire Crossroads as providing a "valuable carers respite service" and that they are actively working with Shropshire Crossroads "to discuss the current service commitments and to secure alternative carers respite services locally" Crossroads Care Cheshire West & Wirral have apparently expressed interest in providing a service to Shropshire Carers (I imagine this would be a realistic option for those living in the north of the county, near the Cheshire border). The council has "written to all carers and will be arranging to meet with those individuals concerned to discuss their specific requirements and to plan future options".

I will post any further news as and when it becomes available.